9-Year-Old Boy Gets Emotional After Taking Down First Buck on Hunt With His Grandpa: VIDEO

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Fertnig)

There are many big moments in life that end up turning into defining memories that one will carry with them forever. This is what happened recently as a nine-year-old deer hunter landed his first buck. It’s an emotional moment that has us all in tears as the young hunter fights back tears of joy as he proudly steps up to his prize – a large buck – while his “pawpaw” films it all.

It’s A Defining Moment Between A Grandson and A Grandfather That Tugs At Anyone’s Heartstrings

In the recent Facebook Watch video shared by Drury Outdoors, we meet young Leyton Lucas as he experiences one of the biggest moments in his young life. The moment he landed his first buck while hunting with his grandfather. Or, as the post notes, his “pawpaw” Jeff Propst.

“Best of all,” the post reads, “[He] was hunting with his “pawpaw” and longtime friend of Drury Outdoors, Jeff Propst!” Of course, the message continues on to ask viewers to join in on congratulating nine-year-old Leyton for his “awesome buck!”

Many viewers did exactly this, sending some sweet messages to the young hunter on his first buck hunt. “Fine buck little buddy congratulations,” notes one Facebook user. “[Way] to go young man,” another Facebook follower notes. “[Hope] many more to come.”

“Great shot!!!” another Facebook user says. “Congrats little man!!!”

Leyton Shares His Big News Of His First Buck Hunt Through Tears Of Joy

As the video begins, we see nine-year-old Leyton as he is dressed in orange while out on his first buck hunt. He tearfully tells his pawpaw that he just “killed a dear.”

A quick pan up to the boy’s face shows us that he is a hunter at heart and he’s processing the fact that he had just landed the buck during this hunt. Before he leads his grandpa to the trophy, Leyton steps in to give the elder hunter a big hug. Then, they walk down to check out the deer.

They walk towards the buck and the cameraman asks the young hunter if he’s “excited”. A question to which Leyton eagerly responds with a nod as he points to the deer that is laying on the forest floor. Leyton approaches the deer, poking it with his boot before moving towards the front for the prized photo every hunter needs after a harvest such as this one.

Leyton is all smiles as he holds onto the buck’s antlers, grinning for the camera. While also creating a moment that neither he nor his pawpaw will ever forget.