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An Incredible Look At Some Of The Greatest Stunts In World History

by Brett Stayton
Car Goes Flying Through The Air
Photo by Rick Doyle/Getty Images

Sometimes you see someone pull off a stunt or an accomplishment that seems to defy the laws of physics, rationality, reality, and the entire realm of possibilities. This shirtless gentleman doing sick biker tricks while ripping down the road is one of those things. The only thing that could have made this video more swaggy is if he had a lit cigarette hanging out of his mouth. The video has racked up almost 4 million views on Twitter in just a day.

The original caption for the video raises an important question… “how do you even learn to do this?” In my opinion, it just kind of looks like one of those things you might be born with. Not sure any other guy on earth could pull off this guy’s stunts, even with any amount of practice. It’s the kind of wild ride where a guy just says “hold my beer and watch this. It’s either gonna be the coolest shit you’ve ever seen or it’s going to kill me.”

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Reminiscing About Some Of The Greatest Stunts Of All Time

That legend on the motorcycle is reminiscent of a couple of other notable wild asses who pulled off some of the greatest tricks and maneuvers the world has ever seen. So lets a look at a few of the most notable stunts of all time.

Larry Enticer Sends It

The video stars a guy that is just absolutely dripping with the type of bravado, charisma, and machismo that society needs more of. The double denim, cheap sunglasses, retro helmet, half-assed attempt at a mustache, and impeccably strong mullet are the vibe that legends are made of.

The casualness and confidence in the dumbass stunt he’s about to pull off are amazing. As if his doubters are the ones that are actually an idiot for thinking he’s not still going to send it. At first look, the stunt goes well. A different angle shows the guy just absolutely imploding on the landing though. How he gets back up or the snowmobile even starts again is unbelievable. So he sends it again and it goes even worse. After nearly dying on back-to-back finishes, all he has to say is “another day another beer.”

Hot Rod Jumps A Mail Truck

Speaking of legends… Hot Rod. You hear those two words and you either know about pulling stunts or you don’t. Now, this is the kind of mustache that redefines what it means to be a legend. Dressed like Captain America shops at a thrift store, Hot Rod gears up to do a little sending it off his own. Just before take-off, he realizes the odds are stacked against him. With the kind of cautious optimism that says this is about to be an absolute trainwreck but I’m going to at least enjoy the ride, he sends it. The rest is history.

Ricky Bobby Learns To Drive Again

And now for the greatest comeback in stuntman history. After having his personal life crash down around him and a traumatic wreck during a race, the best driver in the history of driving cars lost his wheels and will to fight. However, he found himself again thanks to some love and support from his father and a kilo of Columbian cocaine. In maybe the greatest moment in motorsports history, Ricky Bobby and his lucky #13 car recaptured their magic and learned how to go fast again… Ain’t that some shit?