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Adorable Video Shows Rays Knocking Ball Around in Aquarium

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Paul Souders)

The Sea Life London Aquarium is sharing some adorable footage of a group of rays as they play a bit of underwater football. The footage is the perfect timing considering sports fans across England are celebrating the Three Lions win over Wales. This win takes the football team through to the final 16 in the FIFA World Cup.

This footage is extra adorable when we learn what this hollow green ball that the rays are playing with actually is. This ball is actually a hollow sphere that dispenses goodies for the rays to snack on as they play. The more the rays knock the ball around, the more goodies they get!

These Rays Have Their Own Version Of Soccer, Tossing A Ball Around In An Adorable Clip

The adorable clip is shared by the Sea Life London Aquarium. The video shares the playtime between the rays. Or “skates” as they are often called across the pond. The video shows the rays as they take a break from their hard day’s work doing what rays do. Relaxing as they play an adorable version of underwater soccer with a very special ball.

This ball, and the play it encourages in the rays, work to stimulate the rays’ natural behavior. Among these behaviors are hunting techniques that the animals would be utilizing in the wild. Six rays are participating in the game. Tossing around the ball that is chock-full of the rays’ favorite fish snacks.

Rays are equipped with a natural ability to find their prey by detecting electric fields creatures give off underwater. However, this soccer game encourages the rays to rely on other senses to find the food in the ball. The technique inspires the creatures to use their sense of smell to track down the food.

Additionally, this adorable game encourages the rays to utilize teamwork skills as well as problem-solving techniques. The hungry creatures are seen in the clip working out what they need to do to dive toward the soccer ball. Then, they figured out that the more they bat the ball around, the more food they release from the object.

Everyone Is Celebrating The World Cup!

“Our squad of rays [has] loved playing their own version of the beautiful game since we introduced the new enrichment plan for the start of the World Cup,” notes Rowena Kennedy. Kennedy works as the Displays Supervisor at SEA LIFE London Aquarium.

“Rays are intelligent creatures,” Kennedy adds. “o it’s important that we encourage natural feeding behaviors and problem-solving in their care plan.”

Kennedy adds that the feeder balls are “a fun and stimulating way for the rays to eat”. All while encouraging foraging behaviors in the rays. It also utilizes the rays’ “keen sense of smell as they would in the wild.” Kennedy adds.