Alabama Couple Stunned After Deer Crashes Through Window ‘Like a Herd of Elephants’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo credit: Jim Cumming via Getty Images)

There are few better ways to start a fall day than by watching deer move through the morning from your window. Whether it’s a lone whitetail or a small herd, watching the majestic creatures slip almost silently through your yard or other nearby area is hard to beat. However, when one of those antlered creatures comes into a home, things can get a little hairy.

One Alabama couple found out how crazy things get when a deer bursts into a home firsthand. Homeowners – who prefer to remain anonymous – in Florence, Alabama had an unwanted houseguest earlier this week. It was around 9 am when a young buck smashed a window and charged into the ground floor of their home.

The homeowners were downstairs when they heard the commotion above them. “it sounded like a herd of elephants breaking glass upstairs,” the lady of the house told WAFF 48. The deer smashed through a bedroom window and started running amok through the home. One of the homeowners opened the door to the stairway and saw the buck run by the top of the stairs. That’s when they decided to call the police.

Police, Animal Control Deal with White-Tailed Intruder

Officers with the Florence Police Department arrived on the scene and attempted to enter the home. However, when they stepped into the house, the deer charged the officers and forced them back outside. They called animal control to assist with the situation. The experts decided to euthanize the deer to remove it from the home.

A Florence PD officer took the shot that eventually brought down the deer inside the home. WAFF 48 posted a handful of photos of the scene that show that the officer did not get a clean kill with his shot. The photos show blood on walls, carpets, bedding, and flooring within the home. Another photo shows an officer holding the young 8-point buck in the couple’s bedroom.

Fortunately, the deer did not go to waste. A local resident who needed the meat collected the carcass from the officers. The antlered intruder’s meat is now feeding that resident’s family and filling their freezer.

The Rut Makes Deer More Aggressive

In Alabama, whitetail deer rut between October and February. This is the mating season for deer and bucks get more aggressive than usual during this time.

Bucks see a huge increase in testosterone in their system. This readies them to fight with other deer for mating rights and control of territory. This could go a long way in explaining why this young whitetail acted like he did.

He may have caught his reflection in the window and thought it was a rival buck. At that point, instincts took over, and then he tried to pick a fight with the other deer. Additionally, this would explain why he charged the police when they tried to enter the home.