Alabama Golfer Spots Potentially Record-Breaking Whitetail Buck: VIDEO

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by J. Irwin/Classicstock/Getty Images)

A man named Will Swift spotted a whitetail buck deer last Tuesday while out golfing on an unnamed course in central Alabama. While Swift himself guessed the buck’s score was a whopping 200 points, many online are suggesting the buck may be at 250 inches or better.

This score would put it right in the ballpark of Alabama’s top B&C nontypical, which is 259 7/8.

On the other hand, Buckmasters and Alabama Whitetail Records recognize David Melton’s 275-inch goliath buck, shot in 1956, as the state record.

That’s a hard mark to beat. However, no matter what the buck scores, Swift says he wants the landowner to nab him. “If he does, it will make the cover of Field & Stream.”

The viral video, seen below, all started when Swift played on a par 3 hole with golfing partners last Tuesday during a fundraiser tournament.

“I was playing golf in a fundraiser tournament, standing on the tee box of a par 3 with my partners, when all of a sudden this huge buck trots onto the cart path and looks at us,” Swift told F&S. “We were all like, Oh my gosh! I ran and got my phone to take a video.”

In the 22-second video, Swift captures incredible footage of the deer. It walks across the paved path and then stops, turning to the camera and showing off its gargantuan rack. Swift says the long strands hanging off the rack to the ground is “velvet.” The huge buck looks the other way and then scurries up a hill.

Golfer Talks About Encountering Whitetail Buck with Giant Rack

“I’ve never had anything go viral like this, so we are having a lot of fun with it,” Swift said. “I’m a big hunter myself, and every time I get a chance, I pack my stuff up and drive to my family farm near Selma, which is about an hour away. My wife has been giving me a hard time that I go so far to hunt when there are deer this big practically in our back yard.”

Obviously, everyone wants to know exactly where this buck is located. Swift knows this and talked to Field & Stream about what it would be like to reveal its location.

“It would be almost comical to tell people where this buck lives, and then watch them all jockey for position,” Swift joked. “But I wouldn’t do that, for the sake of the landowner, who is also a hunter. When he saw the video he reached out to me and said he’d seen the buck a few times. So, I told him I’d be careful about revealing its location.”

Some people believe the deer is a game-farm escapee, and Swift commented on those rumors.

“People are saying there’s no way it’s wild, but we’ve seen some really big suburban bucks around here. Some have said that it came from a farm that’s 20 or 30 miles away, but I contacted the owner, and he told me it isn’t his. If it is a game-farm deer, I’m shocked no one has reached out to claim it.”