Alligator Relocated After Being Found in South Carolina Fire Station

by Samantha Whidden

A small alligator has been relocated back to its home at a nearby swamp after the reptile made its way into a South Carolina fire station on Monday (September 19th). 

According to WMBF News, the incident occurred at Station 3 in Bucksport located in Horry County. One of the firefighters navigated the alligator out of the building after it was discovered near a small puddle under one of the fire engines. No injuries were reported and the gator was placed in a nearby swamp afterward. The Horry County Fire Rescue shared some snapshots of the removal of the gator on Facebook.

The small alligator’s trip to the fire station comes just days after a 13-foot, 625-pound gator was caught in South Carolina’s Lake Marion. Cordray’s Processing and Taxidermy told WIS10 News that it received the most gators it has ever received during the state’s hunting season open weekend. This included the large gator. 

Nick Gibert and his crew notably caught the large reptile. 

South Carolina’s Alligator Season Officially Kicks Off 

On September 10th, South Carolina’s alligator season officially began. The state is set up into four units that hunters are available to hunt in. According to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, a hunter may only hunt in the unit for which he or she has selected. Taking of gators will also be controlled by regulation and the instructions on permits. 

The state’s Department of Natural Resources further revealed that alligators must be secured and brought to shore or alongside the boat before dispatch. “No shooting of free swimming or basking alligators is allowed in this program,” it was noted. Rifles are also not permitted, but handguns and bang sticks are permitted for dispatch. “No bait, baited hooks, set hooks, or pole hunting is allowed.

It was also noted that only one alligator may. Be taken per permit. The reptile also must be four feet or greater in length. “Others may assist permittee, but all participants (including permittee) must be licensed SC hunters,” the rules read.

Alligators may be taken in public waters. However, the rules clearly state that they may not be taken from Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) or USFWS Refuges. They may also not be taken off private land where permission is granted. “Public alligator season permits cannot be used on lands rerolled in the Private Lands Alligators Program.”

In regards to the meat, hunters have to keep the alligator. They cannot sell it. Although this is a specific rule, there are exceptions. Meaning hides and parts may be sold, but according to regulation. 

The state specifically put in that it is illegal to sell, transfer, barter, or attempt to sell, transfer, or barter a public hunt alligator harvest tag.