Anglers Freak Out After Water Snake Slithers in on Their Fresh Catch: VIDEO

by Megan Molseed
(Tropidonotus natrix or Natrix natrix), Colubrids. (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)

Imagine you are out for some late-night fishing and you land an impressive catch. Only to have your video proof of the catch be photo-bombed by a big slithery NOPE. This is exactly what happened to some anglers recently when a water snake decided to do what snakes do best, slithering past while they were filming their recent fish catch.

The video begins as a group of anglers are showing off a recent catch. Their fishing time spread into the nighttime as the anglers hit record to get the video clip. As a result, the fishermen begin shining a flashlight on the catch while they lay the fish on the ground.

The clip begins with the angler showing off the fish noting that this video “is for” anyone who has doubted the catches available in the pond from which this fish was pulled. As the angler lays the fish down, they move their foot to sit next to the fish’s body. Most likely to offer a comparison measurement to show off the size of the catch.

Then, in an instant, the water snake slithers into view. Perhaps the slithery serpent was offering the angler its long body to use as a ruler while measuring the catch? It’s hard to tell what the snake was thinking, however. As soon as the angler spots the snake the camera moves away from the ground and all we can hear is the fisherman’s frightened screams as they freak out over the snake.

This Serpent Uses A Clever Disguise To Ward Off Any Possible Predators

A recent viral video shared by USA Today’s Twitter page shows an adorable gopher snake as it flexes as much as it can in the hopes to ward off a hiker who was trying to film the serpent. According to the post, the non-venomous reptile mimics the very venomous rattlesnake in order to scare off the hiker. The snake’s show was impeccable. However, the cameraman knew full well that it was all an act.

According to the clip, this move is a typical defense mechanism that is often made by the gopher snake. These serpents are harmless to people. However, it has zero issues pretending that it is a deadly animal. The gopher snake puffs his body up and sits in a curled position similar to that of a striking rattlesnake. Making a terrifying hissing sound while doing this. Apparently, the gopher snake isn’t going to bite. It often strikes with a closed mouth. However, it hopes that its blunt nose makes potential predators believe it is in fact a rattlesnake, scaring them off back into the wilderness.