Angry Alligators Appear to ‘Nap’ in the Middle of Bloody Battle: VIDEO

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Shawn Pastorchik / EyeEm

Earlier this month, a pair of alligators in Florida had a gruesome standoff that was luckily caught on camera by a “shocked” tourist.

Before, Crystal Urban Rose was excited about her first trip to the Sunshine State’s wetlands area. However, she had no idea what she was in for when she arrived at the Ritch Grissom Memorial Wetlands in Brevard County.

While there, she watched in horror as two gators locked onto each other with their wide mouths, drawing blood with their razor-sharp teeth. However, the gator showdown lasted quite a while. Instead of chomping down and leaving, the animals gnawed at one another for over an hour, according to Rose’s Facebook post.

“I saw a lot of alligators that day but was stunned to see these two just off the walking trail biting each other,” Rose said after the incident. Rose also posted an 8-second video on her Facebook page.

“Viera Wetlands this morning! Saw 15 different alligators,” she wrote in the post. “Was shocked to walk up on this!! I walked by 3 times in the hour I was there and they just stayed in the same place biting each other,” Rose wrote. “Both alligators were alive and just in this hold position tightening their grip on each other over and over.”

Rose also estimated that the two large reptiles were about 11 feet and 13 feet long.

Social media users weigh in on alligator showdown, call it a battle for ‘dominance’

However, no one could determine what the two male gators were exactly fighting over. However, social media users theorized about what exactly went down between the gators.

“Male dominance fighting for territory,” one person wrote. “They’re resting in between violence they have different energy than ours and is quickly exhausted but don’t want the other guy get the advantage so they’ll lock it down,” another user wrote.

Rose also responded, writing, “Yes they napped between bite downs lol. It was really an experience to watch,” Rose stated.

Rose later told McClatchy News that the gators clamped down on one another for over an hour.

“I was shocked … startled. I heard the top alligator growl once right before biting down on the abdomen of the other gator. Scared the (poop) out of me,” Rose said. “They took note of me and just tightened their grip. They were motionless, in a holding pattern. Even looked like one was napping. They just held onto each other. They were still like that when I left.”

According to wildlife experts, there are an estimated 1.3 million of the reptiles alligators across the state’s 67 counties. Ritch Grissom Memorial Wetlands is approximately 200 acres and located about an hour southeast of Orlando.