Angry Villagers Beat Bear To Death After it Kills Three People

by Emily Morgan

Villagers in India killed a bear after it attacked three people and injured two others.

According to reports, on July 15, the animal attacked the villagers in Odisha, India. After the horrific incident, villagers searched for the bear and beat the animal to death.

The victims identified were Ratan and Nakul Majhi, and Rabi Rana was identified as the deceased. Local officials believe Ratan Majhi went to the forest to collect firewood but never returned to the village. After the disappearance, Nakul Majhi, Rana, and two other villagers began searching for Ratan.

During their search, the bear, which officials later discovered to have already killed Ratan, attacked and killed Nakul and Rana. Villagers called law enforcement to the scene but sadly didn’t make it in time to save the victims.

Two of the victim’s relatives, Parameswar and Kuna Majhi, were injured in the attack and treated at a nearby hospital. After the incident, local villagers found the bear and killed it.

Currently, it’s unclear what kind of bear it was, but some believe it could’ve been a sloth bear. The sloth species is one of the country’s most dangerous types of bears and is known for being aggressive.

Other species of bears in India include the Asiatic, the Himalayan, and the Sun bears. The Sloth bears also live in native forests and grasslands across India. According to experts, they have been known to weigh over 400 pounds.

Bear attacks villagers in India one month after a similar incident occurred

Last month, outlets reported that a sloth bear killed a man and woman in Panna, India. The town is some 500 miles north and west of Odisha— the village of the most recent attack.

According to reports, Mukesh and Gudiya Rai were heading back to their home from a temple when the terrifying attack happened. Per The Times (India), the animal “tore the bodies apart,” and then later ate the remains for “at least four hours” before wildlife officials sedated and captured it.

Surprisingly, bear attacks in India aren’t commonplace. As we know from reports, large carnivores often flee rather than attack.

Despite this, large carnivores can attack if an animal is angered or annoyed by humans. However, rural villages often lie on the outskirts of large natural areas, which are the settings for these rare but violent attacks.

In a 2015 review of attacks in Central India, researchers found that most victims suffered injuries to their faces and scalps. The sloth species were involved in all of the 48 attacks analyzed.

Additionally, the sloth species are native to South Asia and are rarely seen outside Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, and Bhutan. Moreso, they are around the same size as the American black bear.