Antelope Sits Perfectly Still as Ravenous Lion Eats It Alive in Brutal Clip: VIDEO

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by: Alfio Giannotti/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Nature can certainly be intense. Few things highlight how intense it can get than this brutal video posted to the Nature Is Metal Instagram page. Wildlife has internal senses that tell them when it’s time to fight. They also have senses to let them know when it’s time to get into flight mode. However, it seems, there is sometimes a moment when the flight senses shut off. And, in an almost unbelievable clip, we see this in action as a doomed antelope sits perfectly still as a ravenous lion feasts on the antelope’s back.

This Seems Way Too Shocking To Be True, But Apparently, It’s Not An Uncommon Sight In The Wild

It’s a wildlife fact that seems way too shocking to actually be true. Apparently, sometimes, prey is left to sit and not move while being chewed on by hungry lions. And a brutal video on the Nature Is Metal Instagram page shows a moment where this is happening while a hungry lion eats an antelope alive. And the antelope isn’t moving a muscle.

“You might be wondering,” the caption notes alongside the stomach-churning video. “[Why] the eland is not fighting back or running away from the lion chewing on its hind parts.”

According to the post, this horrifying moment is the result of a few specific things. One, the antelope is “a little gassed from a long wrestling match with a 400 lb cat,” the post notes. The other reason, however, is due to the spot on the antelope that the lion has chosen to begin snacking.

The Hungry Lion Is Targeting This Spot On The Antelope’s Back For A Very Specific Reason

In the video, we see the lion snacking on the back of the doomed antelope. It is a weird spot for the lion to choose to begin munching. However, there is a reason the attacker has selected this spot, it seems.

“The group of muscles the lion has bored a hole into just so happen to control the eland’s ability to stand up from a sitting position,” the Instagram post notes. “He’s not sitting there because he’s into it,” the Nature Is Metal page notes. “[He] physically can’t move his back legs enough to get up and run.”

It’s a brutal piece of knowledge and a massively brutal clip to watch. However, it is almost fascinating that the lion knows exactly what muscles it needs to target on the animal to neutralize its prey. “She might as well be playing the game of life and death with cheat codes enabled,” quips the Insta post of the hungry lioness. “And if she applies the same exceptional tactics to all future kills anything in her crosshairs is as good as done for.”