Arizona Husky That Runs on Rooftops Becomes Local Celebrity ‘Watchdog’: VIDEO

by Megan Molseed

Some dogs live for their regular walks around the neighborhood. You know, those nice strolls enjoying the sights and sounds of the block or even a quick run at a local park. However, one Arizona husky named Nala has a bit of a unique interest that is making her quite a star. All as she keeps watch over her beloved neighborhood perched from her favorite rooftop spot.

One Arizona Husky Is A Very Good Girl Patrolling The Community As The Unofficial Neighborhood Roof Watch

Nala is recognized in her Glendale, Arizona neighborhood as being the eyes on the street. And, the studious Alaskan husky has the best view for this self-appointed role, keeping watch over her neighborhood.

“An Arizona husky dog that loves to hang out on the roof is becoming famous by taking being a “watchdog” to a whole new level,” shares a recent tweet from CNN highlighting Nala’s unique role.

And, the neighbors are loving Nala’s role on the unofficial neighborhood watch. Praising the pup for her dedication to watching over her pack.

“I believe she’s a watchdog,” says Nala’s owner, Jason Camarena of the watchful husky.

“She just sits up there,” Camarena adds. “It’s so funny.”

No, Nala Is Not Stuck, She Wants To Be Up There!

The people who live in Nala’s neighborhood are well aware of the curious Alaskan husky’s unique habit. In fact, they’ve nicknamed the furry scout Pigeon as she sits perched high above the ground. However, others may not get it right away.

Nala’s owners are regularly posting to social media noting that Nala is not stuck up on the roof. But, the dog’s owner notes, this doesn’t stop concerned onlookers from calling the police from time to time. But it all get’s sorted out in the end.

Camarena and his mother took the husky in a few years ago when a family member needed more space for the pup. Since then, Nala has opened up quite a bit.

“Now she’s very happy and outgoing,” Camarena says. Even when it comes to going out on the roof, it seems! And the birds are even welcoming to Nala on most days.

“It’s funny because when she’s up there they’re still up there,” Camarena jokes. “The pigeons.”

Nala’s Family Does Try To Limit Her Roof Time

According to Nala’s owners, they have to limit the pup’s time on the roof otherwise she’ll stay out there for a very long time. But, who could blame her? The view is probably spectacular.

“We try to give her a limit like maybe like 20 minutes, half hour,” Camarena says.

“But during the winter she could stay out there as long as she wants,” he adds. We don’t mind. At the end of the day, you know, she’s just enjoying the view up there.”

When Nala isn’t taking her long walks on the roof at home she also loves to play in her backyard. Even taking a dip in the pool from time to time!