Arkansas Police Chase Down Two Peacocks in Parking Lot

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)

An Arkansas police department revealed they had an interesting mid-week incident when they had to chase down two peacocks in a parking lot. 

In a Facebook post on Wednesday (September 28th), the Jonesboro Police Department shared that they had an “eggs-sighting” morning when Officers Kaja and Crawford were flagged down while driving. The duo was approached by employees at Skin Fix Med Spa. The employees reported there were some peacocks that were mad in their parking lot. 

“The officers quacked the case wide open when they saw two grown peacocks roaming around very close to the roadway. Officers Kaja and Crawford decided it would be hawk-ward (and ill-eagle) if one of them got into the street, so they stood watch until Animal Control got on scene.”

Meanwhile, the police department further shared that Office Baggett decided that “toucan” play that game. He decided to assist in helping to keep the peacocks contained. “Once Animal Control got there, he caught the girls with im-peckable accuracy and transported them back to Peacock HQ and eventually back to their owners.” 

The Jonesboro Police Department then thanked the officers, who had no “egrets” about helping the peacocks. “And to Animal Control who used your talon-ts to safety catch [the birds].” 

The comment was full of hilarious remarks about the incident. “I’m glad to see you tern loose with your creativity and write about something other than stealin’ and robin,” one person declared. Another commenter added, “That took ‘talon-et’ to write this interesting report! Enjoyed it very much.” 

The peacocks were reunited with their owners following the parking lot incident.

Family Sues Hogle Zoo After Claiming Kids Were Attacked By One of the Peacocks 

Earlier this year, a family filed a lawsuit against Utah’s Hogle Zoo after one of the zoo’s freely roaming peacocks allegedly attacked children. The incident occurred in Spring 2021. 

Deseret News reported in March 2022 that the family filed the lawsuit in the 3rd District Court. The lawsuit is directed toward the zoo’s primary owner, the Utah Zoological Society. In the court documents, the family stated that the incident with one of the peacocks occurred when a 2-year-old left her mother’s stroller. This was right by the zoo’s money exhibit. 

The family then claimed that one of the peacocks “flew downing front of [the child and] immediately pounced on [the child].” The injuries the child sustained included a scratch just below her eye. It was also noted that the bird tore the child’s shirt and scratched her back. The child spun around during the incident, which caused her to “fall flat on her forehead.” 

The court documents further allege that this wasn’t the first incident with the freely roaming peacocks. The family also said a zoo employee informed them that the bird had also attacked four other children. This happened in the span of two days. The 2-year-old’s family is sought a jury trial. This approach would determine economic, noneconomic and punitive damages related to the incident.