Awesome Dog Clears Path for Herd Of Cattle Through Snow Storm: VIDEO

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Mike Linnane / 500px)

The internet is going crazy right now over an adorable video showing a very helpful pup clearing the path for a herd of cattle after a major snowfall. So far, the clip detailing the very good dog’s act of service helping the cattle through the inclement weather has garnered tens of thousands of views.

The now-viral video clip shows the furry good samaritan as it dutifully hops through the deep snow, clearing a path for the large cattle that are following close behind. So far, the video has amassed more than 55,000 views online – just days after it hit the internet.

Posted yesterday, the dog-cattle video has amassed more than 56,000 views

The video shows the helpful pet running in front of the cattle dutifully clearing the snow-filled path for the cattle who are rushing close behind the canine. It’s a viral moment that is winning the hearts of social media users all over the world.

The clip was posted to Twitter by Hindi officer Sanjay Kumar a Deputy Collector at the Jharkhand PCS. We even see the pup stop and glance back at the group to make sure the cattle are doing well following the path.

The video’s caption in written in Hindi reads “Netrtvakarta vah hai jo doosaron ke liye raah banaaye, phir bhale hee vah chhota ho ya bada” This translates to “A leader is one who paves the way for others, be it small or big.”

The tweet also begins with the powerful hashtag that reads simply: #Leadership. Many commenters were quick to agree with the assessment of the helpful actions of the pup. One noted “it is very true. Leadership is a position, not a post.”

Sheep Becomes One Of The Dogs, Playing Fetch Alongside The Pack

This dog was herding livestock through the snow. However, sometimes the livestock becomes the dog. Such as what happens in this hilarious viral video showing a sheep running outside of its flock. Joining a pack of pups in a game of fetch.

“This sheep identify as a dog,” notes the post alongside the viral video which was posted to Twitter. The sheep is shown in the clip running with four pups. The group is having a blast as they go after a ball that is tossed by someone just off-camera.

Funny Animals subreddit, thread titled featured the video. And the comments are hilarious. One Redditor posts the comment “What do you mean I’m not a sheepdog?

Another Redditor declares, “When you’re NOT the black sheep of the bunch.” 

“Day 46, The oppressors continue to appear unaware that I have infiltrated their inner sanctum,” another commenter says in the thread. “You can’t fool me. That is 4 dogs chasing a ball and 1 other dog also chasing a ball.”