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Bad Day? Watch This Beaver Build a Dam With Stuffed Animals

by Jon D. B.
cute beavers
Cute beavers in the London Zoo. (Photo by Ray Wells/Mirrorpix/Getty Images)

Today’s most viral video might just be the cutest animal rehab of all time as this little beaver does his best to build a suburban dam.

You read that right! If you haven’t come across this adorable footage yet, allow us to impart some daily good-feels. Using whatever he can find around the house, this sweet beaver works as hard as he can to dam up the hallway of his home. And this is a temporary home, mind you, as beavers are wild animals and not pets. More on that below. For now, let’s just sit back and enjoy how ridiculously charming this fellow and his mission are:

Now, for those crying “beaver!” over the fact that this wild animal is inside a house and playing with suburban accoutrements, I do not blame you one bit. As a wildlife tech and animal behaviorist myself, nothing irks me more than people who believe they can remove wildlife from the wild and turn them into pets. But this is not the case with this sweet beaver at all.

Thanks to the internet sleuthing of Lynn Stevens, we finally know where this footage comes from. “I’ve seen this before, I think. I believe he transitioned from rescued little beaver to grown up and living in the lake and woods behind the house now,” Stevens says.

Don’t Fret! Internet’s Darling Beaver is a Rescue Raised By a Professional

Some follow-up digging on my end reveals this little beaver to be either Bea or Beave, two rescues that have a second chance at life thanks to the licensed wildlife rehabilitation specialists at Raising the Wild. When baby beavers, called kits or pups, are orphaned in the wild, they are unable to survive on their own. Beavers are excellent parents and raise their little ones for a solid two years. For an orphan to survive, at least two years of professional wildlife rehabilitation is needed – which is exactly what we’re seeing as this young beaver takes his indoor toys and household items to make a damn.

Instead of sad sight, it’s actually wonderful to see this youngster’s instincts kick in even in a suburban setting. Thanks to his wild parents, he’s got the know-how to survive in the wild build right into his DNA. And once he returned to the wild, he’ll get to work building a dam all the same, albeit with natural materials.

Known as BeaverBabyFurryLove on TikTok, Raising the Wild has over 1.6 million followers along for their rehabilitation journeys. They care for everything from skunks to horses, with beavers being their main draw for viewers. The real heart here is, however, the survival of these young beavers who would otherwise perish. Gotta love the good side of the internet!