Bear Discovers and Devours Doorbell Camera in Wild Viral Video

by Sean Griffin
Bear Discovers Doorbell Camera, Then Eats It in Wild Viral Video
(Photo by Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

This huge bear had an unbearable appetite, causing it to eat an entire doorbell camera in this wild video posted to Instagram.

The video begins with a bunch of rustling on the camera as we see some object start messing with the lens. This is the bear, who seems to be pawing at the camera at first, testing out the waters. At one point, we get a clear shot of the huge beast’s face.

Then, after sniffing and pawing at the camera, the Ring doorbell makes its classic jingle noise, and the bear backs up afraid. Then, we switch to an overhead trail camera angle to get a better shot of the huge bear.

It starts to eat the camera again and then is startled by the doorbell’s electronic ring again. However. after scoping out the scene once more, it resumes to eating the camera. Eventually, the big bear walks off down the trail. You can watch the viral video below,

Plenty of commenters wondered about the bear in the comment section. They wondered if it walked through the woods that night with the camera going off in his belly.

“So he ate it, is in his stomach now, and the doorbell is going off?” one concerned user seemed to ask.

Another thought it was funny, writing: “He was ringing all the way home,” and adding a laughing emoji to that.

“They eat different things for Thanksgiving,” a final user joked.

People React to Crazy Video of Bear Eating Doorbell Camera

Bears are currently feasting before their time of hibernation, and this one thought the Ring camera could make for a filling meal.

Bears in northern regions, including the American black bear and the grizzly bear, hibernate in the winter. During hibernation, the animal’s metabolism begins to slow down and its body temperature decreases slightly. Its heart rate also slows from a normal value of 55 to just 9 beats per minute.

Bears normally do not wake up during their hibernation. They can also go the entire period without eating, drinking, urinating, or defecating.

The hunting of bears remains a controversial topic throughout different states. The state of Washington just issued a springtime ban on bear hunting, which angered many of avid hunters in the state.

The recent decision split many people in the state along political and ideological lines.

Marie Nuemiller, Executive Director of the Inland Northwest Wildlife Council, spoke about the decision.

“It feels like [the commission] skirted the rules in order to push forward their emotion-based opinions instead of listening to their own department scientists,” Neumiller said. “Whether you’re for spring bear hunting or not, I think the way that they went about closing this season is concerning because that could very easily happen for any other hunting activity.”