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Bear Ferociously Ravages Inflatable Reindeer Christmas Decoration: VIDEO

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Paul Souders

With the Christmas season here, many of us are full of joy and happy to be surrounded by friends and family. However, for some wildlife, it’s a different story. Case and point: one Lake Tahoe bear became quite the scrooge when he noticed an inflatable reindeer in someone’s yard. Check out the clip below to see the bear go after Rudolph, tearing into the plastic angrily.

The following morning, when homeowner David Lester woke up and saw this his Christmas decorations were in disarray, he checked his security cameras to see which meddling kid had gone after Rudolph. To his surprise, the criminal was a four-legged neighborhood bear.

Maybe the bear thought the inflatable bear was a real reindeer and needed to defend himself. Or, perhaps he’s not a fan of the man’s choice of Christmas decor. Either way, RIP Rudolph. The clip ends showing the bear running off, clearly not interested in playing any reindeer games.

Now, Lester is selling the mauled Rudolph on eBay. However, it’s for a good cause. According to Lester, the money made from the ripped-up inflatable will go directly to a wildlife charity.

“I figured it was a great way to turn a viral video into charity donations for our local Tahoe bears,” he told news outlets.

After the incident, Lester took to social media to describe the bizarre incident. “Sad news, woke up this morning to Rudolph laying on the ground unresponsive. No amount of CPR or duct tape could revive him.”

He added: “Upon reviewing my Ring cam video, it appears that a hungry Tahoe Bear was not in the Christmas spirit.” According to Lester, he had only had the inflatable reindeer for two years.

Those interested in purchasing the reindeer can do so here. The starting bid is 99 cents. According to the website, the proceeds will go to various charities in the Lake Tahoe area, including the Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, Bear League, and Catmandu.

Oregon buck spotted getting into the holiday spirit

Lester hopes these “three wonderful local charities get some holiday money to help our wildlife and domestic cats.”

However, it’s not just bears that are getting into it with various Christmas decorations. Someone spotted a buck walking around in Oregon with Christmas lights attached to its antlers.

After someone called the Dallas Oregon Police Department, wildlife officials successfully located the buck and removed the lights.

“To all you Clark Griswolds out there, we know you love decorating for Christmas, but this is a step too far,” the Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife said on social media.

Linda Reed, a concerned resident, also shared a clip of the buck walking through her yard. “I’m glad he was released from his Rudolph duties,” Reed said.