Bear Has Absolute Meltdown After Smelling Porcupine Scent on Tree in Viral Trail Cam Video

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by: Ron Reznick/VW Pics/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

A wild video that recently went viral shares just how sensitive a bear’s nose can be. Especially when the woodland animal is sensing something troublesome nearby. Something like a porcupine who is ready to quill any curious bear!

The video, which was featured on a Yukon Wildlife Cams Facebook post on Sunday, shows the black bear showing off some incredible speed and agility once it catches the scent of a porcupine that has likely claimed that particular spot. According to the experts behind the Yukon Wildlife Cams’ Facebook post, this highly sensitive sense of smell helps the bear avoid danger – among other important things.

“This highly acute sense of smell that bears possess provides them with information to do such things as find food and in this case, avoid potential danger,” the Facebook post notes.

The caption goes on to note that the tree the bear was walking up to in the video is a tree of interest that “was scent marked many times by porcupines over the summer.”

This scent, the experts note helped “this wet bear’s fight or flight instinct” kick in.

The Animal’s Demeanor Changes In An Instant After It Catches The Porcupine’s Scent

As the video begins, we see the black bear enter the camera’s frame…emerging from some water. The forest animal’s fur is soaking wet as it begins to walk up the hill. A few steps into its journey out of the water, it does the typical furry animal “time to get dry” shake. Ridding its fur coat of some of the water left from the swim.

The bear walks towards a couple of trees that sit on the hill, looking very calm at first. It seems as if the bear begins to sense something. However, the bear doesn’t know quite yet what it is that it smells.

Then another sniff or two sends the curious animal running in the opposite direction. Picking up a speed that we wouldn’t have thought possible for a bear this size! The sniffing animal has sensed the porcupine. And it wasn’t going to stick around to make sure! This, of course, prompts some of the commenters who watched the clip to note this bear has likely had a run-in with a porcupine before.

“Must’ve had quills before,” one commenter observes. Another viewer says that they wish their dogs shared the same sense as this curious animal.

“I wish my dogs would react the same,” the commenter quips.