Bear Snatches Goodies From Cooler, Chases Lake Tahoe Man Away in Heart-Pounding Clip

by Amy Myers
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

When a bear snatches your cooler away, the last thing you should do is chase after it. At that point, that’s their food now. Despite this bit of seemingly common sense, a Lake Tahoe couple decided that they knew better and could scare the bear away from their glorified pic-a-nic basket. Good thing Boo Boo wasn’t there for backup.

The incident took place at a campsite, where these folks neglected Rule No. 1 of camping in bear country: store all food and attractants in bear-proof containers away from the tents. Not only are bears incredibly crafty when it comes to their meals, but they can also pick up scents from over a mile away. So, if you have, say, a loaf of bread just hanging out in an easy-to-open cooler, they will find it. Not surprisingly, a lumbering, extra furry animal picked up the scent of the grain and strolled through the campground at night.

The video of the encounter is enough to give Outsiders a headache. Really, it’s like someone created an educational video of what not to do when in bear territory. Along with the unguarded cooler, they also left a bag of trash hanging on the tree… right beside it.

At that point, you might as well leave a literal trail of breadcrumbs to your campsite.

Watch the face-palming clip here.

Lake Tahoe Camper Laughs as Bear Bluffs at Him Twice

Even worse, when the animal showed up to claim its prize, there was no warning call, no “hey, bear” or “get on, bear.” Instead, the camper decided to rush the animal with a flashlight in one hand and phone in the other (likely no deterrent or air horn, either) in an effort to scare it, chuckling to himself all the while.

To the near-mauling victim’s defense, the tactic did work… for all of about three seconds. Once the bear found a safe spot to drop its bounty, it reared back around the tree and bluffed at him.

You would think that after the animal paused behind another tree, the man would have the common sense to slowly retreat back to his campsite. Nope. He waited for the bear to charge forward again, still giggling.

And to top it all off, the man even blamed the animal for its “aggressive actions.”

“Black bear in Tahoe campground getting aggressive towards me,” the licensor wrote as a caption.

Really, dude?

Now, we know our dedicated and most loyal followers know how to react to black bears and grizzly bears – if not for their own safety then at least to make fun of the many tourists that decide to risk their lives for a good video.

Bottom line, if you ever find yourself staring down a giant bear, don’t follow this guy’s lead.