Bear Spotted Wandering in California Backyard With Arrow Sticking Out of It

by Jonathan Howard

Now, this animal is tougher than your average bear. A California bear has been spotted with an arrow sticking out of it and residents are worried. The outdoors came to suburbia. Residents in the city of Arcadia in Los Angeles County have noticed the survivor lurking around. He’s a rather large bear and has been seen in the area quite often.

The arrow clearly did damage to the bear and it was not in a great state of health. One resident, Ernie Camacho, noticed the bear and said the scene was upsetting. The animal was in a lot of pain and in need of help.

“When we saw the bear initially laying on the front lawn, it was probably 25-30 feet from us and he was helpless. He laid on his side, he perched his head up to look at us, and almost as though asking for help, he lifted his paw up, which was the most heart-wrenching thing. The arrow was probably, well I couldn’t tell how large the arrow was but it [had] penetrated.”

While there is no certain idea about how the bear was shot, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife has a theory. Nearby Arcadia is a bow hunting area where it would be perfectly legal to have shot at one of these bears. However, the animal was clearly left to die instead of being helped or finished off.

For Camacho, it was just puzzling how anyone could do something like this.

“The bear was obviously in pain and in fact when we lost him in the brush, we could hear him moan, which was very sad.”

CDFW is aware of the situation. They will respond to the area if they deem that the bear is a threat to people or pets.

Fisherman Scares Bear with Warning Shot

While Arcadia deals with their injured animal, bears around the country are still doing their usual shenanigans. That means getting a little aggressive when they have cubs. That’s why in bear country, you should have mace or a firearm. This fisherman had no choice but to fire warning shots at a momma bear.

It’s just a matter of safety. When you can’t get to cover like these fishermen, then a gun is probably the best thing you can have to help deter an attack. The man was amazed as he fired from his inflatable boat just inches from the beast.

“I would have had to shoot her on the next one,” he says in the video.

Thankfully, it didn’t come to that, and everyone involved was safe and sound soon after. Humans aren’t always the apex predator out there. When in bear country, you have to keep your wits about you, just like this quick-thinking fisherman.