Big Funnel Cloud Over Epcot Has Disney Parkgoers Freaking Out: VIDEO

by Shelby Scott

For many Americans, enjoying a trip to Disney World is a once—maybe twice—in a lifetime opportunity. However, parkgoers visiting Disney’s Epcot recently enjoyed an even more memorable experience as a huge funnel cloud formed over the park. Check out the insane footage below.

While gray-black clouds and a swirling funnel overtook the park’s skies, many of the visitors in the video don’t appear all that concerned. Viewers can hear one person, likely the videographer, stating, “We gotta get inside that building,” many other visitors appear to leisurely stroll the park, many moving in the direction of the funnel cloud. Twitter users, on the other hand, were in hysterics that none of the parkgoers rushed to find shelter.

“Why is everyone so calm? LOL” one viewer wondered. Another added, “Looks like no one is even taking cover.”

Less seriously, the Twitter user continued, “They do know that what they are looking at is a tornado. It’s not an actual attraction at Disney.”

One other viewer quipped, “When did [Disney World] add OZ to [Epcot] the world showcase?”

Per other comments following the videographer’s original post, the funnel cloud never actually fully formed and became a tornado. However, the clip proves that, even in the happiest place on earth, disaster can strike at any minute.

What Happens When a Funnel Cloud Takes On a Ford?

What happens when an EF2 funnel cloud takes on a Ford? Well, the slogan is “Built Ford Tough.”

That’s a statement truck people might argue against, however, earlier this year, the world-renowned auto company proved its strength against other brands when a tornado turned a highschooler’s bright red Ford F-150 on its side and then, after miraculously flipping it right side up, allowed it to drive off unscathed. Be sure to check out the full clip here.

Back in March, a powerful tornado ripped through central Texas and several other U.S. states, leaving unimaginable wreckage in its wake. However, while plenty of other vehicles were almost certainly destroyed at the hands of the EF2 funnel, high school student Riley Leon took the tornado head-on, just himself and his truck, as he drove home from an interview at WhataBurger.

Fortunately, neither Riley nor his beloved truck suffered too much damage. Riley sustained a cut on his arm after the 6,500-pound vehicle was flipped on its side, and though the windows were blown out of the vehicle and it suffered a multitude of dents, Riley and the Ford managed to make it home relatively safe.

Recalling his bout with the threatening funnel cloud, Riley said, “I wasn’t scared that much, but it was a shocking moment for me. I just drove off…and I was like, ‘Should I drive home or should I not?'”

Well, when you have a Ford that tough, I would say the answer’s pretty obvious.