Big Ram Nearly Knocks Competitor Out Cold With Absolutely Brutal Head-butt: VIDEO

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Chen Xi/VCG via Getty Images)

In this video footage posted to Instagram, two rams butt heads multiple times until one ram is nearly knocked out after a few brutal blows.

In the video, the two rams stand in front of each other, ready to charge. However, the ram on the left of the screen repeatedly bests its challenger. It runs up and knocks the other ram down with a devastating blow. The second hit may have been the most brutal, knocking it down again. The third charge saw the ram on the right step out of the way to avoid the hit.

Either way, the thuds that ring out with each hit display just how powerful these creatures are. You can watch the video below.

Plenty of people took to the comment section to react to the video, with most cracking jokes.

“This would be a great ad for Excedrin migraine,” one person remarked.

“Headstrong,” wrote another.

Many commenters took the opportunity to make jokes centered on the National Football League’s current controversy surrounding concussions. A few weeks ago, Tua Tagovailoa’s concussion injuries became a huge league-wide and nationwide topic of conversation.

“The NFL would let him still play the 2nd half,” one person joked. Another person made a similar remark, writing: “Dolphins medical staff just cleared him for the second half.”

“That ram turned into a dodge,” another person wrote, referring to the second ram.

“Bro ain’t want the smoke after the second hit,” a final user wrote.

Firefighters Keep Lost Ram as Therapy Animal Until Returned to Owner

Back in August, a fire crew in Graham, Washington adopted a ram that had been wandering the town’s streets. One member of the fire crew corralled the ram in their backyard before the entire team adopted the pet.

”We’ve just been calling it the ‘Graham Ram,’” said Graham Fire & Rescue Captain Andrew Kolabis. “I think out of maybe out of fear of attachment we haven’t given him a name yet.” 

Station 96 proudly adopted the ram after calling animal control and being dissatisfied with their answer. Luckily, the ram will meet two friends at his new home. The station also owns two goats which live there full-time.

“Animal control said they could come get it in a few days, but they said they’d probably end up putting it down,” said Kolabis. “We’re already set up for animals like that, so it seemed like a pretty natural thing to just grab it and rehome it here and try to find its owner.”

When the crew took the ‘Graham Ram’ back to their station, he met his neighbors in their fenced-in living area. Apparently, the ram and goats have been getting along since the newcomer moved in. The goats help trim the trees and grass surrounding the station, as well as serving as pets, mascots, and therapy animals for the crew.