Bigfoot Warning Signs Spotted Across Trails and State Parks in Pennsylvania

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Katie Dobies)

Some curious warning signs have been cropping up across Pennsylvania state parks and trails. These warning signs look and sound awfully professional…and real. However, the topic of these warnings discusses a very unusual concern, warning visitors to be “cautious” of their surroundings while on the lookout for the elusive bigfoot. That’s right…the signs posted throughout areas in the Keystone state’s wilderness areas are warning park-goers to watch out for a wandering sasquatch. However, officials assure hikers and sight-seers that there is no legitimacy behind these unusual warnings.

“Bigfoot Is Not Real”

Pennsylvania park officials note that they don’t know who is posting these signs throughout the state’s trails and parks. However, they do guarantee it is not originating from their offices. Furthermore, officials are making a simple statement in response to the erroneous warnings noting that “Bigfoot is not real.”

The signs offer a warning telling readers that there have been “encounters” with the creatures in the area. They also warn visitors to “observe elevated park etiquette, be cautious of your surroundings and to keep the location of any small children/pets within a tighter scope of awareness.”

The signs go on to warn readers that it’s important no one approaches the creature. Officials are removing the signs whenever they are spotted. When asked on social media about the validity of these posts, the park officials note that the signs are not real and that rangers are “aware and are removing them and investigating the situation.”

The message goes on the note that the posts also feature an “unauthorized use of our logo.”

Pennsylvania Officials Deny The Existence Of The Mysterious Creature But It’s Not Likely To End The Long-Standing Debate

The Pennsylvania park officials are very clear in their statement that bigfoot is not real. However, this isn’t likely to end the long-standing debate that the mysterious cryptid is wandering around some of our country’s dense forests.

The majority of the sightings are recorded as taking place on the other side of the US, though. Many of them occur in the Pacific Northwest and California. However, Pennsylvania has also had activity along these lines over the years. According to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, there have been 124 “credible” sightings in the state over the years. One individual claims to have seen two of the elusive creatures near a Harrison Valley cabin. This report also notes that one of the sighted Bigfoots was “whistling” as it walked by.