Bison Lunges at Biker Riding by Just Inches Away: VIDEO

by Megan Molseed

It’s often stressed how important it is for humans to avoid contact with wild animals. Particularly, as of late, the bison that populate some of our favorite national park areas and the great planes throughout the country. Bison aren’t used to humans in their space. And, when they aren’t liking this unusual feeling, they are known to advance, butting and sometimes goring the unwelcome visitors.

However, as one recent Instagram video shows it’s not always the humans who instigate a bison to advance, lunging at a human. Sometimes, the human doesn’t need to be instigating anything at all with the bison to end up coming frighteningly face to face with a not-so-pleased version of the animal. In fact, sometimes bison can come at a person who is literally moving past the animal at high speeds. As is detailed in this jaw-dropping Insta post.

Bikers Get A Major Scare As A Bison Lunges Forward Just Inches Away As They Speed Past

In the recent Instagram post, we see bikers cruising down a highway in a point-of-view video. The shocking moment appears nearly immediately as a massive bison jumps towards the road, lunging at a passing bike.

The initial few seconds show the incident from the point of view of a bike following close behind the people who came precariously close to the animal on their own motorcycle. Then, the point of view flips. Giving us a look at the perspective of the riders on which the buffalo advanced.

Change of Underpants ‘Required!’

The video continues on, showing multiple clips as the animal lunges onto the road toward the bikers. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the incident. Well, aside from developing a very rational fear of the massive mammal.

“Change of underpants required !!!” exclaims the caption posted along with the frightening Insta clip.

“This is me and my wife getting charged by a buffalo, ” the caption continues.

“Glad it ended well but my wife has lots of anxiety around any buffalo now,” the poster relates. “Lots.”

According to the caption, another member of the group drove ahead with no issues. However, the Instagram user quips, “we think he gave that buffalo the one finger wave and made him mad.”

“Incredible that we got 2 different videos of this happening,” the caption continues.

As the post continues, the caption inquires, “[What] would you do if this happened to you?” The OP adds that they’ve “personally never been on a motorcycle going through the park, so I have no idea what it’s like.” However, they add, they have seen some “crazy [s**t].”