Bizarre-Looking ‘Spiny Anteater’ Crawls Up to Snowboarder at Ski Resort: VIDEO

by Megan Molseed

A unique little creature decided to pop over and say “hi” to a few skiers and snowboarders at a ski resort recently. And it’s an adorable video to watch as the spiny unusual “spiny anteater” waddles over to the crowd of snow lovers, hanging out for a bit. Then, the little creature finally retreats, waddling up the snowy hill away from the group.

A “Spiny Anteater” Waddles Around, Hanging Out At A Ski Resort In An Adorable Video

The friendly “spiny anteater, otherwise known as an echidna was recorded while getting close to some snowboarders and skiers on the slopes of an Australian ski resort. The curious animal is filmed as it investigates the skiers at the Thredbo Resort recently. Sniffing around and investigating the crowd and the gear.

The spiky mammal belongs to the same egg-laying family as one of the world’s most curious creatures, the platypus. Often affectionately called a “spiny anteater,” the echidna has a porcupine-like look mixed with that of a hedgehog and even a mole rat, to some extent.

The little echidna sports quills on its back along with the anteater’s trademark long nose. However, the echidna largely gets its nickname for the diet it prefers. Much like to anteater the “spiny anteater” enjoys a diet of ants and termites.

A Moment That They Will Never Forget

As the video begins, we meet the echidna as it visits a group of skiers and snowboarders at Australia’s Thredbo Resort. It waddles up to a snowboard in the most adorable way. The echidna takes a close look at the board, giving it a few sniffs and investigating with its long nose before moving on.

Eventually, however, as all good things eventually come to an end, it’s soon time to say goodbye. The adorable “spiny anteater” waddles on top of the ski resort’s white stuff. Heading off into the distance after spending quality time with the snow-lovers.

The echidna looks right at home at this ski resort, even as it heads off on its own. The last shot kind of brings us all the feels as it travels up a snowy hill. Leaving its new friends behind.

Bindi Irwin Snaps a Selfie With an Echidna With Her Husband Chandler and (Sleeping) Daughter Grace By Her Side

If there’s anyone who would know all about these unique “spiny anteater” creatures it is certainly Bindi Irwin. And, she recently took a moment to catch a selfie with an adorable echidna while her husband Chandler looked on. The couple’s young daughter was part of the moment too. However, she was fast asleep in her father’s arms!

“Echidna cuteness featuring Chandler’s legs,” Bindi Irwin writes with a love smiley emoji.

“Love these sweet little monotremes,” Irwin says. “and my wonderful husband who was holding our beautiful daughter.”