Black Bear Caught on Trail Cam Walking on Its Hind Legs Like a Human: VIDEO

by Jonathan Howard

Nature is always full of surprises. The great outdoors will likely always contain a mystery or two, just look at the humble black bear. These creatures are dangerous but funny. Apex predators but also playful. And, they have given humans plenty to laugh about and lots to worry about as well. It’s just the contradictory nature of the animal that makes it so great.

This momma black bear knows how to use her body pretty well. Coordination isn’t always attributed to the bear, sometimes we think of them as bumbling oafs. However, when they want to, these mammals can raise up on their back legs and get a better look at things.

Standing on Two Legs

Just check out the video below and see it for yourself. If I saw something like that off in the distance, I think I’d turn around and head back the other way.

It’s almost like a person in the way that it stands and looks around. If it wasn’t for the aggressive sniffing in the air, it would be just about believable from far away. Oh, and let’s just point out that this was taken on a Moultrie Cam, the same folks that outfitted Outsider’s own Jay Cutler at his farm in Kentucky. They pick up some clean-looking footage, that’s for sure.

Black bears can be fun to observe in a setting like this. Still, they are to be respected and feared a bit when you’re out in the wild. You just never know what is going through the animal’s head or what babies and other important things might be close by. There’s a reason they always talk about momma bears. They aren’t to be messed with.

So, what do you think about this, Outsiders? Are we destined to be taken over by the bears soon? After seeing this footage, I’m a bit worried myself. Forget Planet of the Apes, we might all be harvesting honey for our ursine rulers soon.

Black Bear Cub Takes Aggression Out on Trail Cam

While these few animals didn’t mind being filmed, not all are so kind. One cub was trying to get its mom to play around a bit and was put down pretty quickly. So, he did what any kid would do – started to look for something to destroy. When you’re basically all alone in the woods, that leaves you with a lot of options, but also very few at the same time.

Unforutnately for a trail cam that was being used to study the local wolf population, the bear cub found it. Not all bears, black bears or otherwise, are as cut as the ones in the first video. You just gotta check this out as it is cute and shows the nature of these animals at times.