Black Bear Charges Man in His Front Yard in Heart-Pounding Encounter Caught on Video

by Blake Ells

This black bear means business. We’ve seen it time and again here, and this new video is no different. This particular black bear is hanging out in a man’s front yard, and for some reason, the man thinks it’ll be a good idea to chase him down with his camera. Check out the video here.

“Holy [expletive],” the man proclaims. “He tried to charge me. I’m not scared of you.”

The bear eventually backed down and turned the other cheek. But it was a pretty tense few moments for this guy. Maybe just leave bears alone, you know?

We see it all the time. A two-year-old in Connecticut had a black bear crash his birthday party. There were approximately 30 people at the soiree, including ten kids. No matter for the bear. The kid’s name was Cyrus, and his dad talked about it to a local news station.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Rauf Majidian told NBC Connecticut. “For 30 seconds, we see it happening. We see the person who got sniffed by the bear, screaming and panicking.”

Most people would probably scream and panic here, Rauf. But not the guy who got stormed by the black bear in today’s video. He just patiently filmed the thing as it charged him in his own yard.

That wasn’t even the only bear that the Majidian family saw on the day of their birthday celebration. There were two. Apparently, bears like cupcakes, the family said. Fortunately, she said, the other bear wasn’t on her property. It was on the other side of the street.

More Black Bears in the News

Earlier this summer, two black bears were caught on camera having a fight over a kiddie pool. This showdown happened in Washington, and two black bears came across a kiddie pool filled with water on a basketball court. It was hot! They just wanted to cool off!

But there’s really no way two adults are fitting in a kiddie pool. There’s certainly no way two full grown black bears are. So a full blown battle ensued between the two, with one forcing the other out of the pool. The extremely short clip has racked up half a million views on YouTube. It’s just 26 seconds of footage, but it’s wild.

Many of these sightings continue to happen in the Pacific Northwest. One cub ran through the town of Bend, Ore. recently. But this baby bear wasn’t seeking a fight or cupcakes, because no damage was reported. The cub was tranquilized and returned back to the wild.

“We are glad we were able to get this young bear back to the wild and thank the Bend Police Department for their assistance and the public for alerting us to the bear,” authorities said.