Black Bear Family Caught Looking for Midnight Snack Near Massachusetts Home in Viral Video

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by: Ron Reznick/VW Pics/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

A mama bear and two young cubs were wandering near a Massachusetts home in the still of the night looking for a midnight snack. And, based on the footage depicting the bear family’s visit to the residential neighborhood, these three bears are no strangers to snacking on the goodies left in the human garbage bins. They walk easily across the driveway and around the vehicles, headed straight for the garbage can buffet!

The video of the black bear family being led by mama was caught on camera in a Chicopee Massachusettes neighborhood recently. The video shows the trio sauntering up the home’s driveway, their sight set on the garbage can full of discarded goodies perfect for a late-night bear snack. This is one of many incidents like this one in the area, especially this time of year.

Massachusetts is listed as having the third densest population of black bears in the entire country. It is estimated that there are well over 4,500 black bears in the state. And, these woodland creatures are continuing to expand eastward.

Bears Are Becoming More Dependant On Finding Food Sources In Neighborhoods Visiting Yards Searching For Goodies

The bear population continues to grow throughout the United States, primarily in the eastern areas of the country. And, at the same time, humans are expanding further out. Developing areas that were once dense woodlands – the perfect home for black bears.

As a result, these black bears are becoming more and more accustomed to finding food sources in neighborhoods and homes like this Chicopee Massachusetts home. Bears search these areas looking for food left by humans. Including pet foods that may be left out in yards for hungry cats or pups.

The bears are often also attracted to bird and squirrel feeders left out in yards. And, of course, the hungry bears love any discarded food they can dig up in the garbage. Any of these can lead to huge messes to clean up after the bears have gone on their way. The unwelcome visitors can also cause quite a bit of damage in their pursuit of these goodies. All of which can be quite a pain to deal with.

It’s important that homeowners who are fielding rambunctious visitors such as these three hungry bears by removing food sources they may be attracted to. Homeowners are encouraged to bring pet food inside, secure all garbage cans, and secure bird and squirrel feeders. Making them as bear-proof as possible.