Black Bear Fends Off Dive-Bombing Bald Eagles to Raid Treetop Nest: VIDEO

by Chris Haney

Recently, a video of a black bear raiding an eagle’s nest in Canada was posted on TikTok, and it’s now gone viral with over 2 million views and thousands of comments in less than two weeks. The video captured by TikToker Adam J Hudec was taken while he and a group fished on a lake in northern Saskatchewan. What Hudec filmed was a rare sight indeed.

The video shows an adult black bear scaling the length of a tall tree to go after helpless prey in the eagle’s nest. While fishing from a boat on Saskatchewan’s Cigar Lake, Hudec used his cell phone to film the wild scenes. As the bear reaches the top of the tree and the large nest, two eagles attempt to protect their young. The bald eagles fly in and attack the bear repeatedly as they defend their nest.

“The full real video of this bear taking on an eagles nest!! Cant believe I got to see this in person while fishing in northern Saskatchewan!” Hudec captioned his post.


The full real video of this bear taking on an eagles nest!! Cant believe I got to see this in person while fishing in northern Saskatchewan!

♬ original sound – Adam J Hudec

However, the black bear seems to be unfazed by the dive-bombing eagles as it looks for its next meal. Eventually, while at the top of the tree, the bear grabs a young eagle out of the nest and descends down the tree with it still in its mouth. Hudec and the other anglers in the boat couldn’t believe what they’d just witnessed.

“This is the sickest thing ever. Jesus Christ,” Hudec says as he records the black bear climbing the tree.

“You’re absolutely kidding me,” he said in disbelief after the bear grabs the young eagle from the nest.

“Nature has no mercy,” one of the other fisherman said.

“Next time they’ll build the nest somewhere safer,” someone added on the boat.

“And that’s a job well done,” Hudec says to end the clip. “You’ve gotta be kidding me.”

Black Bear Makes Whitetail Deer Its Next Meal in Crazy Video

In other crazy black bear encounters this month, two men recently captured a black bear attacking a whitetail deer at night in eastern Tennessee. Last weekend, the men filmed the now viral video while fishing at Watauga Lake east of Elizabethton, Tennessee.

Dustin Tolley and Adam Buckles decided to go night fishing on Sunday, July 17. While on the water though, the two friends heard weird sounds off in the distance.

“[We] heard the craziest sound coming off the mountain right towards the boat,” Tolley wrote in his Facebook post about the incident. “So, we got the boat light to shine to see what was coming toward us, and this is what we saw.”

News Channel 11, Johnson City’s CBS affiliate, shared Tolley’s video on their YouTube account on Tuesday. The crazy video shows a huge black bear pinning down an adult whitetail deer. Tolley and Buckles worked together to as one of the men shined a spotlight on the area as the other recorded the wild encounter. After a bit of a struggle, the bear drags the deer up the mountain as it attempts to get away from its attacker.

“Eighty-five percent of a black bear’s diet is made up of vegetation. But you wouldn’t know it after watching this video,” Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency wrote on Facebook commenting on the encounter. “We want to take this opportunity to remind people not to feed or approach bears. We know they appear cute and cuddly, and you may want to take pictures with them. But remember, they are predators and may attack when provoked or hungry.”