Black Bear Shows off Fancy Footwork in Solo Game of Soccer in Front Yard: VIDEO

by Chris Haney

Earlier this month, a woman in California captured a black bear playing with a soccer ball and climbing trees in her neighbor’s front yard. The lighthearted video has recently gone viral as it makes the rounds online and on social media.

Teresa Potter recorded the cute and at times hilarious encounter in a residential neighborhood in Lake Tahoe on July 3rd. In an extended clip, the black bear is seen carrying the soccer ball in its mouth as it climbs a tree. The ball gets away from the animal and rolls across the street to a neighbor’s front yard. The bear climbs down the tree, crosses the street, and starts “playing soccer” again.

At this point, Potter gets a perfect view of the playful beast across the street. It continues to jump on trees, climb up them a few feet, and jump off. Then it goes back to the soccer ball and kicks and throws it around. Rinse and repeat.

The amusing solo soccer game only lasts a minute or so before Potter stops filming. But the black bear seems to be in its own little world as it has the time of its life. Who knew a game of soccer in between climbing on and off of trees could be so entertaining for a bear?

Black Bear Gets Locked Inside Car, Rips the Interior to Shreds

While the viral video showed the cute side of black bear encounters, another recent encounter shows the destructive side of the wild creatures. Let’s just say one car owner will likely never leave their vehicles unlocked ever again.

Last week, someone in the Blue Ridge Parkway area of North Carolina found that out the hard way. In a Facebook post, Blue Ridge Public Safety shared details about a black bear getting into one unlucky vehicle owner’s car. Somehow the bear got itself locked inside the car as it proceeded to rip the interior to shreds.

“Officers were dispatched to a vehicle unlock this morning in Hilltop,” Blue Ridge Public Safety wrote on Facebook. “Once they arrived they found the vehicle locked with a bear inside.”

The BRPS’s post also shared four photos of the damage done to the car and the unharmed black bear responsible for the destruction. The damaged interior literally looks like a bomb went off inside the car.

“Needless to say Bear -1 Vehicle -0,” BRPS added. “This is a reminder to keep your vehicle doors locked even if you will be out of it for only a few minutes.”

While it’s an unfortunate incident, black bears are known to get into people’s vehicles. Bruins are intelligent and resourceful animals that can figure out car door handles within minutes.

Bears have a strong sense of smell and often pick up on scents coming from inside of people’s cars. That could be anything from leftover food to deodorant or even a vehicle’s air freshener. If the car door closes behind the bear, that’s when things can take a turn for the worst as they panic and try to escape. So here’s your annual warning if in black bear country: lock your doors, people.