Black Bear Takes Down Huge Whitetail Deer in Gruesome Clip

by Jonathan Howard

When a black bear gets its mind set on something, there isn’t much that can be done. That includes prey that might be nearby. While we usually think of black bears as funny and more clumsy than some of their other outdoors cousins. Still, these bears are predators and don’t just subsist off of berries and nuts throughout the year. Sometimes, a nice whitetail deer is just what a bear is looking for.

Nature is what it is and that means that sometimes cut things get eaten by not-so-cute things. While out fishing Dustin Tolley and a friend noticed something very strange. It was night time and they had their spotlights out. What they turned towards the bank of the water to see was almost something out of a horror movie.

The black bear gets a hold of the deer, which appears to be putting up a fight still. And, in the end, it looks like the bear is going to be enjoying a nice, big meal for his efforts, dragging his prize away into the woods. WARNINGThis video is not explicit, but it could be hard to watch for some people.

This is such a great, but also offputting video. It isn’t every day that you see a scene quite like this. While the nature of the video isn’t exactly super happy and fun, it is still a great video capturing something that most people would otherwise never see.

Remember, we aren’t the only ones out there in the woods looking for whitetail. Every now and then, a black bear is ready to take on the challenge of a good hunt. Congrats to this bear, because that deer is probably bigger than what most hunters will snag this fall season.

Black Bear Climbs for a Rare Snack

Surprisingly, this isn’t the only big black bear news recently. There are sightings and videos all over the place. If there are bears in the area, someone is going to get it on camera. Again, the incident in question in this scenario was also captured by some hobby anglers.

Imagine you’re looking for some trout or a small mouth and you look up to see a black bear scaling a tree. Then, you realize that he’s after something… a bald eagle nest! That’s what happened with a bear in Canada. The hungry fellow had heard the screeching of an eaglet and decided to give it a go. After some time climbing and fighting off the mom and dad, the bear was able to snag his feathered dinner.

What a life these creatures live. They seem playful and bouncy at one moment, then they’re on the hunt – ready to kill their next meal. It’s quite something to see and I hope we get more of it in the future. Black bears can do a whole lot, and that includes hunting deer and even eagles. Remember that the next time you run into one.