Blue Dogs Found Near Abandoned Chemical Plant

by Atlanta Northcutt

This winter weather is making everyone blue, including a pack of dogs in Russia.

A group of stray dogs is being caught “blue-handed” in the Russian city of Dzerzhinsk, where a non-operating chemical plant still resides. They are being seen near the abandoned chemical plant in central Russia, Reuters reports. The city is located roughly 230 miles east of Moscow.

Images of blue-colored dogs are going viral. Many who saw the pictures of the animals believe the changes in the hues of their coats could have a link to the chemical plant nearby. As the photos spread across the Internet people began reaching out concerned that the dogs could be in danger.

Therefore, city authorities had to negotiate with the petrochemical company to gain permission to enter the grounds and the closed-off factory. Seven dogs were rescued and transported to a nearby veterinary clinic to be examined.

Beating the Blues

Authorities catch the dogs in order to check their health and well-being. According to an initial examination by animal experts, it has been reported that the animals are not suffering from any adverse health effects.

In a statement to news outlet RBC, the veterinarian center’s director, Vladimir Groisman, says, “We have already performed initial analysis on the animals. The general analysis of their blood and feces showed normal levels for all of them, including their biochemistry.”

Groisman earlier claims he thinks the dogs’ coats are receiving stains from leftover chemical residue. He believes contact with the substance is possible when the animals hide from the cold in and around the factory.

“We do not yet know what caused the dyeing of dogs’ fur. This requires large-scale analyses, which we cannot do here,” Groisman adds.

Two of the animals are going to new owners, the RIA report, while the others will continue to undergo observation.

Fur Real?

Now officials are working to discover why the coats and furs of these animals have been transformed into unnatural colors.

According to the Daily Mail, the dogs’ fur is likely blue from the chemical-waster pollution at the abandoned factory in the west-central city of Dzerzhinsk.

The factory is reportedly a previous producer of plexiglass and hydrocyanic acid prior to closing due to bankruptcy in 2015.

Scientists believe the blue coloring of the fur is actually due to pollution. However, the bankruptcy manager for the factory, Andrey Mislivets, denies that the photos are authentic.

Mislivets also tells news agencies that dogs are frequently roaming the area. She claims that bright blue copper sulfate, which the animals may gain exposure to, was previously on the site of the disused factory. These substances can cause burning, skin irritation, and itching.

Although much testing and research must be done, local authorities are thoroughly investigating the case to ensure safe conditions.