Bold Mother Deer Faces Off with Coyote to Protect Her Fawn in Viral Video

by Tia Bailey
Photo by SASCHA SCHUERMANN/AFP via Getty Images

A viral video shows a mother deer in a stressful situation. She bravely faces off with a coyote to protect her fawn in the anxiety-inducing clip.

The video was shared to YouTube on the channel Rumble Viral. The description reads: “An epic scene of nature is captured on camera when a mother deer is seen chasing a coyote away from her fawn. Hope it all ended well!”

In the clip, a fawn and mother deer are faced with a coyote in the woods. The mother deer stares down the coyote, allowing her fawn to trot away to safety.

“Young deer & other babies have it rough. Glad to see him ahead of the Coyote,” one commenter wrote under the YouTube video.

Deer Attack Almost Causes Woman to Lose Her Ear

An Ohio woman was attacked by a deer at a 5K race.

 Rebecca Heasley is a runner, and was participating in the “Space Race” run on October 1 when she was attacked.

The deer hit her head with its hoof, causing her to fall and a huge cut to appear, nearly severing her ear.

“I thought I got hit by another runner who just was too close,” Heasley said to FOX 8. “I saw blood on my hands and realized it was a bit more severe.”

Although it was absolutely a terrifying experience, Heasley was able to keep her cool.

“Honestly, I stayed calm through the whole thing,” she said. “I had a moment of freak out when I found my ear wasn’t where it was supposed to be, but other than that it was more or less like if I’m going to freak out, this is going to be much worse than it really is.”

Woman Healing After Freak Accident During Race

Heasley is stronger than most, because after medics arrived, she went on to continue the race.

“They said it would take a bit of time to get the gurney back, and if I could walk,” she said. “So, I actually walked out to the front of the race, so I finished.”

She had to have her ear reattached in the hospital, and her sister set up a GoFundMe for the expenses.

“The kindness of strangers is nice, but I completely understand,” she said. “My sister did set it up because it was a way for her to pitch in for me since she’s not able to help as much as she would like to.”

Heasley is now looking forward to recovering and getting back to running.

“I’m not going to let it scare me from getting back out there because it can happen anywhere at this point,” Heasley said. “It’s nature. It happens. You can’t be afraid of it.”