Bowhunter Takes Down 300-Pound Whitetail of a Lifetime: PHOTO

by Lauren Boisvert

Birmingham, Alabama native and professional bowhunter John Cassimus recently took down a massive whitetail deer. The story goes, though, that Cassimus is more of a mule deer man. But, when he saw the beefy whitetail coming toward his treestand the night of August 31, he couldn’t resist its unique mule-like countenance.

Cassimus took the deer down with a 20-yard spinal shot, according to Outdoor Life, with another shot to officially kill it. The whitetail was stocky and hefty–sufficiently muley–with a huge set of antlers. Essentially, a once-in-a-lifetime kill. Cassimus was hunting in Alberta, Canada, where he drove 2,500 miles from Alabama. The entrepreneur has been hunting there since 2006, which inspired his love of mule deer.

Apparently, he scouted the hunting area for about 12 days, looking for mule deer that caught his fancy. He didn’t find any, not since a 212-incher from last year. Cassimus also set up for whitetail as well and spotted the unique deer a few times before the fateful hunt.

“He wasn’t being real consistent about what he was doing. He would be on one end of the field coming in in the evening and then the other end and I just couldn’t get him patterned,” Cassimus told Outdoor Life about the whitetail. “So I hunted him twice. The first time I hunted him, he came in right around dark and it was too late and he was like 300 yards from me, so I didn’t even have a chance.”

Bowhunter Lands Truly Unique Specimen: Like a Mix Between a Whitetail and a Mule Deer

According to Cassimus, he and a fellow hunter were ending the night, waiting for their ride and killing time under the tree stand. All of a sudden, a herd of whitetail came running through, jumped a fence, and “the next thing you know, within like 30 seconds, I’d shot him at 20 yards right up under the tree stand,” said Cassimus.

He knew the deer was big, and that it had some mule-like characteristics. Mainly, its size and bearing. But Cassimus didn’t realize the scope of his trophy until he approached the carcass.

“He was just so big. He stood the height of an elk. His lower leg from the joint down, I would say is more than 27 or 28 inches, like just insanely long. It didn’t even look normal, you know?” said Cassimus. “We figured the deer was going to be around 160 to 165 [inches] when we looked at it on camera, but then we just didn’t realize the deer was 300 pounds on the dot and it was so big and so tall that when we walked up to him, we were just kind of in awe … especially from the mass standpoint. The deer had over 53 inches of mass.”

In total, the buck measured 187 1/4 inches. This will definitely stand out for Cassimus as a unique hunt. Even with his love of mule deer, he’s got to give props to this massive whitetail.