Breathtaking Infinity Pool Hidden in the Wilderness at National Park Goes Viral: VIDEO

by Megan Molseed

One hidden waterfall and infinity pool that sits within an Aussie national park is going viral right now. This comes as travelers are sharing breathtaking videos of themselves enjoying the relaxing sight known as the Woy Woy Waterfall Pool.

Just one quick search of the Woy Woy Waterfall Pool online, primarily on TikTok or Instagram, brings multiple clips of the beautiful Australian attraction. However, some locals are claiming that this viral view isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

One Waterfall That Sits Deep In An Australian National Park Is Going Viral

Sitting just outside of Sydney, Australia (about an hour and 15-minute drive) the Woy Woy Waterfall Pool lies within the Brisbane Water National Park. Many of the viral posts sharing the beauty of the waterfall note that it is “tranquil” or “breathtaking.”

The waterfall features cascading water spilling over a tall rock face and into a man-made rock pool. This pool has an infinity effect…making it extra appealing to visitors exploring the falls.

However, some locals warn, that these waterfalls aren’t as wonderous as they may appear. And, the waters cascading into the breathtaking infinity pool may be a lot dirtier than first meets the eye.

“The water comes from a rubbish disposal nearby,” one person notes of the Woy Woy Waterfalls.

“Definitely be careful putting head underwater,” the person responds, further commenting on the unsanitary conditions by pointing out the murky water flowing into the infinity pool.

“It’s a nice spot,” someone else notes.

“But don’t swim in it after rains as linked to run-off and has lots of fecal coliforms,” they continue.

It’s A Scene Straight Out Of A Disney Film

While there may be concerns about the safety of the Woy Woy Waterfall’s water there is VERY little doubt about the cuteness level at one waterfall recently. When in a scene straight out of a Disney movie, one baby deer formed a friendship with a little girl sharing an adorable moment beneath a picturesque waterfall.

In the adorable video, a little girl feeds a very young fawn from her hands. The young baby deer is snacking calmly as it enjoys the delicious snack. The little girl is giving off some perfect Disney vibes as she sits in her striped powder blue dress smiling while the dear eats from her hands.

“Little girl is showing what Humanity is supposed to look like,” one commenter writes in response to the tweet.

“To protect the nature that provides us,” the comment continues.

“So sweet and innocent,” another commenter adds. “This is how it should be for little kids.”