Buck Defends Territory Against Statue Opponent in Viral Video

by Shelby Scott
 (Photo by: Universal Education/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

This rut season, any buck is a threat to another’s efforts to find potential mates, and that includes stone ones. A hilarious clip out of Willoughby, Ohio sees an agitated buck standing its ground against a statue opponent. Check it out.

WDTN reports that the clip was submitted by Willoughby resident Bob Gamber. He said that the humorous encounter took place in his yard. Per the outlet, Gamber is the father-in-law of Richmond Heights Police Chief Thomas Wetzel. He is also a retired police chief himself from Rock Creek.

The buck is determined in his effort to defend his territory. That said, it’s clear he’s never met an opponent as stoic as this one. The male deer moves into the yard, taking a moment to observe its statue target. Suddenly, he drops his antlers and launches at the fake buck.

However, it’s clear that the wobbling buck startles him, going on the defensive as he darts back toward the woodline. Undeterred though, he comes back a second time. Again, he takes a moment’s pause before charging and knocking the statue to the ground.

As hysterical as the buck’s encounter with the lawn ornament was, the charging deer still accomplished a serious feat. On average, mature male white-tailed deer weigh about 150 pounds. In comparison, Wetzel said they actually needed a backhoe to move the fake buck back into a standing position. The news outlet states it weighs about 300 pounds.

Colorado Wildlife Officials Rescue Injured Buck

As much as they might resent it, sometimes even the toughest bucks need human help. While the Ohio buck in the clip above can clearly handle itself against almost any opponent, one Colorado buck required the help of several Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials after it got its hoof stuck in a metal ring.

By the time wildlife officers arrived at the concerned Colorado resident’s backyard, the sharp black metal ring had already begun to cut into the animal’s hind left leg. With concerns about infection and even tetanus, wildlife officers Travis Sauder and Technician Jamie Sommerfield had no choice but to sedate the injured buck in order to make sure they could completely treat the injury.

Footage of the officers’ rescue, which you can view here, shows the pair of professionals working as gently as possible to remove the ring from the buck’s hoof. Using a pair of tin snippers, Sommerfield clips away at the ring before finally breaking it apart.

The CPW officers made sure to keep the buck sedated even after removing the ring to make sure they could fully clean and treat the resulting wound. Though professionals don’t typically like to sedate wild animals as it has a host of potentially negative side effects, this time it was absolutely necessary.