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Buck Gets Leg Stuck in Its Own Antlers After Brutal Brawl, Goes Berserk: VIDEO

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by EVA HAMBACH/AFP via Getty Images)

A white-tailed buck found itself in a sticky situation following a brutal brawl with another buck. Somehow, footage shows the animal managed to get its leg tangled in its own antlers. In an attempt to free himself, the buck goes absolutely berserk, panicking with its leg in its antlers.

The first few seconds of the viral clip see the two bucks prepare to lock antlers again. Suddenly, though, the deer to the right quite literally starts freaking out. With its leg extended high above its head, we see it tangled within its antlers. The buck begins spinning out, hopping in circles, and rearing up on its hind legs. He then rolls to the ground and, finally frees its limb from his own antlers.

Meanwhile, the other buck looks on, highly confused by his opponent’s antics.

Viewers taking in the scene were in hysterics after watching the video. “Never good when the other guy starts flipping around,” one person laughed. “Crazy wins almost every time.” Another commented, “The other buck is like dude wtf is your problem?”

Fortunately, things ended well for both of the deer, with the crazed buck standing stock still as it recovers from its antics.

Wildlife Officials Rescue Buck with Christmas Lights Tangled in its Antlers

Though they make a beautiful—and useful—weapon, a white-tailed deer’s antlers often contribute to occasions of distress. They frequently come in handy with the rut each year as male deer face off with one another. However, sometimes, we find these same creatures with the unlikeliest of objects caught in their racks. Earlier this month, Oregon wildlife officers rescued one buck with a mess of Christmas lights tangled in its antlers.

Fortunately, the rescue of the animal was simple, with officials from the OR Department of Fish and Wildlife tranquilizing the deer before carefully removing the lights from his antlers. Before freeing him, they tagged the buck with a yellow slip, serving as a warning to hunters that if they harvest this deer in particular, it might still have remnants of the sedative within its body.

Given the brief amount of time it took to rescue the animal, locals had some humorous responses to the incident. One person joked on social media, “I’m glad he was released from his Rudolph duties,” while another quipped, “The deer who stole Christmas.”

In all seriousness, though, wildlife officials encouraged residents to be mindful of where they hang their Christmas lights. They said that because bucks are often found rubbing their antlers against trees and other vegetation, it’s very possible for things like string lights, volleyball nets, and hammocks to become entangled in their racks.