Buck Goes Berserk Trying to Unlock Antlers From Dead Rival After Intense Battle: VIDEO

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

When deer are in rut they tend to get more aggressive. This often leads to bucks going head-to-head – or more accurately, “antler to antler” as they joust with the competition. These battles can get wildly intense. Massive bucks locking antlers shoving each other around. All in an effort to claim victory as the strongest beast in the woods.

However, sometimes the antlers get so twisted together during the battle that the bucks get stuck to each other. Unable to get away from its competitor. Even if one of the dueling bucks meets its end while locked tightly with its rival. And, the Nature Is Metal Instagram page gives us a glimpse of one of these wild moments with a shocking video depicting a buck trying desperately to free itself from a dead adversary.

An Intense Battle Leaves One Buck Stuck To An Opponent After A Wild Joust

“Trouble Letting Go,” the Nature Is Metal Instagram page comments alongside the shocking video.

In the video, we see two bucks whose antlers are tightly locked together. One of the bucks is jumping around in an almost desperate fashion. At first, it appears the two male deer are battling each other. However, it soon becomes clear that one of these bucks has already died. And the live buck is still very much stuck to this unfortunate animal.

“During the rut, it is customary for bucks to joust,” the Nature Is Metal Insta post continues.

“Locking antlers and shoving each other around is standard operating procedure,” the caption continues noting that sometimes “the antlers of these feisty duelers can become locked so tightly that they can’t actually get away from each other.” This can even happen in the comment notes when one of the bucks dies.

Thankfully, Ranchers Were Able To Help Free This Duelling Buck

This is a very unfortunate situation, however, this particular buck is lucky that the battle occurred on a ranch where experts could help him out. Because had it happened in the wild things may not have been fixed so easily.

“Luckily, this happened on a ranch, where the people who found these two would have the equipment and skill to separate the living from the dead,” the Insta caption notes. “If this were to happen in the deep forest, there are a couple of ways that the living deer could get free, but few of them are quick or easy.”

According to the Nature Is Metal explanation if this were to happen in the wild the buck could either “get extremely lucky and shake himself free, OR he could wait for the dead one to decompose enough to rip the head off (that does happen sometimes).” In this scenario, the living opponent would have to wait for the antlers to drop completely.