Buck Tries to Pick Fight With Another Deer, Forgets He Already Shed Antlers

by Clayton Edwards

The lives of whitetail bucks center around two things – mating and fighting. They fight to establish dominance, win mating rights, and expand their territory. They’ll continue to clash with other bucks well into the winter. In fact, they’ll usually lock antlers with rivals until they eventually shed them. However, some bucks don’t lose their fighting spirit when they lose their antlers. Some overeager antlerless bucks will still try to dominate others even if their opponents are still sporting a full rack.

For instance, this buck seems to have forgotten that he shed his antlers already. Watch how the antlerless buck walks confidently into the clearing with the other deer. You could almost say he struts in like he owns the place. There’s a good chance that that is exactly what he hopes to do.

The antlerless buck looks like he has seen his share of forest wars. When his potential rival stands up, he doesn’t hesitate to throw down. Ready to lock antlers, he charges into this opponent. It doesn’t take him very long to remember that he walked into the clearing wholly unprepared. It’s awfully hard to lock antlers when you don’t have any.

Unfortunately for the forgetful buck, his opponent is sporting a pretty impressive rack, He’s more than ready to engage the interloper in his clearing. It takes one clash for the antlerless buck to realize that he is unarmed. He disengages and gets out of Dodge as soon as possible.

The best part of the whole encounter comes after the antlerless buck runs away. The victor appears to be confused. He looks around the clearing as if to ask, “What was that all about?”

Not All Antlerless Buck Cut and Run

In an older video, we see an antlerless buck who doesn’t care that he walked into a fight unarmed. In fact, he shoots through a barbed wire fence to get at his opponent. This buck either doesn’t realize that he has no antlers or doesn’t care. As the fight unfolds, it becomes apparent that the buck just doesn’t care. He’s spoiling for a fight and, antlers or no antlers, he’s going to get one.

The antlerless buck dives through the fence and locks up with his fully-antlered foe. In doing so, he shows that just because you’re outgunned doesn’t mean you’re outmatched.

They clash once and the bare-headed buck steps back. Where the deer in the previous video ran off, this one decides that retreat isn’t an option. What follows might be the most epic fight you’ve ever seen. In the end, the rack-sporting buck decides that he has other places to be and retreats. It just goes to show that if you’ve got enough fight in you, what the other guy is holding just doesn’t matter.