Bull Sends Two Men Airborne With Brutal Head-butts in Insane Rodeo Game: VIDEO

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Chris Elise/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

If you ever wanted to try your hand at rodeoing without actually mounting an angry, bucking bull, we have just the idea for you. Two men, decked out in large, inflatable bubble-like armor, faced off with a bull in a new viral video, and, unsurprisingly, the annoyed bull sent the men flying airborne with just two brutal headbutts. If this sounds like your idea of fun, then check out the ridiculous footage below.

Humorously backed by Bruno Mars’ upbeat hit “Treasure,” we see the first man go soaring end over end through the air and out of the frame, not unlike something we’d see in a cartoon. The bull then turns to the other man, still annoyed and confused, at first turning his back. Then rodeo fans erupt into screams as the bull sends the other man flying backward.

Viewers, taking to the comments, had extremely mixed reactions, the clip drawing criticism from animal rights advocates on the bull’s behalf and laughter from other rodeo fans.

“This looks like a really bad idea,” one viewer wrote, and truthfully, they’re not entirely wrong. From what we can see, it looks as though the men facing off with the bull during the strange rodeo game are wearing only the protection of the clear, inflatable bubble surrounding their head and torso.

Another viewer deadpanned, “Think How Confusing This Would Look To Aliens…”

A third Twitter user quipped, “Rumour has it, that first guy is still flying now.”

Escaped Bull Wreaks Havoc At Florida Rodeo

Over the summer, a bull at the Florida State Fairgrounds rodeo wreaked absolute havoc when, during an event, it managed to escape its pen and run past crowds of screaming onlookers. See footage of the chaos below.

Reports from the incident state rodeo personnel had been trying to line two bulls next to each other at the gate when one of them bucked, shoving the other out of its way. The bull then made a break for it, managing to climb into the stands and run laps in the non-confined area of the arena.

The announcer in the clip can be heard urging the crowd to remain as calm as possible and to let rodeo cowboys do their work however, amazingly, amused onlookers actually began to egg the bull on, shouting at it and not in the least aiding in the bovine’s capture.

Nevertheless, one extremely talented cowboy manages to contain the bull as it makes its lap around the rodeo arena. Miraculously though, one cowboy, seated atop his horse within the rodeo ring, manages to lasso the beast on the first try, with dozens of onlookers and other cowboys in the fray and a barrier separating him and his mount from the bull.

Christopher Thornton, who captured the video, said of the cowboy’s impressive skill, “This was my first time attending a rodeo and it won’t be my last. Hats off to that cowboy, his amazing horse, and his throw.”