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California Bear Breaks Into Homeowner’s Backyard, Goes for Casual Swim

by Brett Stayton
Bear Floating In Pool
Photo by Antonello/Getty Images

This bear in Southern California took a little swim in a backyard pool during a recent rainstorm. The homeowner got the light-hearted moment on camera too. The video clip recorded by Donna Hargett shows the bear casually taking a dip in the swimming pool. The pouring rain didn’t seem to bother the big bear. The bear seemed to know someone was watching because it occasionally glances back toward the camera.

After paddling around the deep end for a little bit, the bear lumbers out of the pool and walks off into the backyard. Monrovia, California is near several large wilderness areas, parks, and recreation areas so the presence of bears is somewhat common in the area. NBC Los Angeles aired the video on a recent afternoon news segment.

Bear Found Hibernating Under Connecticut House’s Deck

American black bear populations are doing remarkably well from coast to coast, and while there are increasing concerns about conflicts between humans and bears, they’re actually pretty chill as far as wild animals go. A man in Connecticut was recently very surprised to see he had a bear just randomly chilling under the pool deck in his backyard. He said he didn’t even notice the bear until his dog started acting a little strange. He said the bear hasn’t caused any issues.

“He’s been super chill. I’ve gone out to check on him a few times and he hasn’t really moved. He’s looked at me a few times, but you know, he’s pretty calm right now,” he said. According to UpWorthy, The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection asked him to just “leave the bear to do bear things as long as it’s not bothering anyone.”

So as of New York Times, Vinny Dashukewich is just going to let the bear ride it out in their backyard for the time being. He said the bear looked quite warm nestled up in the large bed of leaves and a tarp back in the corner. “He was totally unfazed by everything,” Dashukewich said. “As soon as we saw each other he didn’t move, he didn’t react. He’s definitely super comfortable.”

A TikTok video of the bear just chilling has been viewed more than 17 million times. The Dashukewich family has also created an Instagram account for the bear that already has 10,000 followers. The bear’s bio reads: “Currently I am hibernating until I’m ready for hot bear summer.

Wildlife Biologist Explains Backyard California Bear Sightings

Josh Hawley, a wildlife biologist with the state, said there has been a rapid increase in reports of bears like this one. It’s a heavily populated state. It’s also now home to more than 1,000 estimated bears.

“We get 10-20 reports of bears denning under porches every year, and we have never had a negative incident that occurred as a result of this,” Mr. Hawley said. The agency, he added, encourages homeowners to let the bears stay there before they move on, usually around April. He emphasized, however, that it is advised against excessively bothering the bear or showcasing it like a zoo animal. He advised folks to remember “the fact that the bear is there to avoid attracting attention.”