Cannibal Alligator Devours Smaller Competitor After Slamming It on the Ground in Gruesome Clip

by Chris Haney

Last week, footage of a huge alligator getting ready to devour another smaller gator went viral on Facebook with thousands of views. The shocking video captures the huge reptile as it attacks one of its own kind.

In a post on Kayla Jane’s Crystal Kayaks’ Facebook page, the owner Kayla Jane shared the wild footage she captured during a recent kayak trip in Florida’s Silver Springs. The historic tourist attraction is home to tons of alligators and other wildlife. And Jane is seemingly very familiar with the large alligator in her video.

She called the huge creature Big Head Fred, and the nickname definitely fits the bill. In her video, you can see the cannibal alligator with the smaller gator’s head locked in his enormous jaws at the edge of the water. Viewers can see Fred chomp down on his victim’s head a few times before rising out of the water. He then violently slams the smaller gator on the ground. Fred repeats the process once more before the video cuts out.

Evidently, Big Head Fred is known to make a meal out of other alligators. It’s not rare for the large reptiles to engage in cannibalism when they’re searching for food. They’re very territorial animals that will eat each other when other resources and prey aren’t available.

Two days later, Kayla Jane posted another video showing Big Head Fred’s “latest victim.” This time her clip showed kayakers passing by a dead and headless alligator floating upside down in the spring. “Big Head Fred’s latest victim, No head Ted,” she wrote on the video. It’s unclear if the headless gator is the same victim from two days prior.

Florida Man in Critical Condition Following Alligator Attack to His Face

In other recent news out of of Florida, an alligator attacked a man who sustained severe bites to his face and was left in critical condition. While swimming in Lake Thonotosassa, the gator took a chunk out of the man’s face last week on Wednesday.

While swimming in the lake, an unnamed bystander witnessed the stunning scene in its entirety. As the man attempted to swim ashore to safety, the alligator attacked him. The witness spoke with local Tampa Bay outlet Fox 13 about the incident.

“I just heard a scream and I looked up, and I didn’t see anything,” the witness said to Fox 13.

“I didn’t know what had happened, I thought maybe he hit a rock or maybe there was something that spooked him,” they added. “It was pretty gnarly, it was definitely an alligator bite on his face.”

The reptile seemed to lose interest as the victim was able to make it out of the water. The man headed back to where he parked his car while calling 911, and the witness rushed to his aid until paramedics arrived at the scene.

“He had a big gash on his face and he had a towel covering his wound. And then he said that they called 911,” the witness shared with the outlet. “And I had a med kit in my car so I gave him gauze and an emergency kit to stop the bleeding and then the ambulance showed up.”

Although the victim was able to call 911 on his own accord, once he reached the hospital, doctors declared that he was in critical condition.