Car Going 65 Miles Per Hour Collides With Turkey, Photo Shows Shocking Aftermath

by Jonathan Howard

When out on the roads, it’s usually the deer people tell you to look out for. But don’t count out the humble turkey in the outdoors, they can do some damage. Whenever you make contact with anything going highway speeds, there’s likely to be some damage. However, a turkey can cause a lot of issues. Some recent photos out of the Midwest are a stark reminder.

Now, if you don’t live out in the country, you might not even think about hitting turkeys out on the road. But, you can just ask my mother-in-law, they can’t help but jump in front of a car every once in a while. Usually moving constantly for forage and other resources, these birds will cross roads without a second thought.

The photo, which you can see here on the viral Reddit post, shows just how serious these incidents can be. The windshield shattered, almost completely. If it had been 75 MPH instead of 65 MPH, then this turkey likely would have come flying through the windshield and into the driver.

Hilariously, in the post, the r/WellThatSucks Redditor said “I got hit by a turkey,” as if he wasn’t the one driving at 65 MPH. Comments on the post were quick to point this out and have some laughs.

You got hit?” one reply read.

“I saw in another thread once from a person claiming to be an insurance claim adjuster, you never say you hit something because insurance reasons, you say it hit you because then insurance may pay out,” someone else said. “They won’t if you say you hit the thing.”

Listen, it’s all about how you perceive it. Right? Everything is relative, after all. From the point of view of the driver, that turkey absolutely hit them. I’d say the same thing.

How to Avoid Turkeys on The Road

You can’t.

Okay, just kidding. There are ways to avoid our feathered hens and toms. In case you do come into contact with an animal on the road, there are a few things that you need to do. First, you are going to be upset. No one likes to damage their car. However, stay as calm as you can and move forward under control. Stop your vehicle when possible, at a safe location. If you are able, assess the scene and see if the animal is still alive.

Ulitmately though, to avoid hitting an animal it all comes down to paying attention, driving the speed limit, and hoping you don’t get unlucky. Even when you take precautions, accidents happen. Do what you can to keep yourself safe and then proceed from there.

Don’t forget about taking pictures, you know, for those insurance claims. And if they ask, that turkey did hit you.