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‘Carp Karen’ Unleashes on Woman For Fishing in Absurd Video

by Brett Stayton
Carp In The Water
Photo by Alan Tunnicliffe/Getty Images

A laid-back morning of fishing for a British woman turned combative when a woman unleashed an expletive-laced lambast toward her. The aggressive woman is being labeled a “Carp Karen” by The New York Post.

24-year-old Elsa Joan was fishing on Sunday, January 8th when a passerby appeared to be so disgusted by her actions that she berated Joan. The Carp Karen called the angler a “vile b*tch” who “should be drowned.” Clearly, the lady has some deeper psychological issues than just a distaste for fishing that need to be addressed.

Elsa Joan had just reeled in an impressive carp while fishing on Brooklands Lake in her hometown of Dartford, Kent. She was getting her camera set up to photograph the achievement when a lady whom she did not know walked by and verbally ripped into her.

British Woman Harrassed By Carp Karen While Fishing

‘It took me completely in shock. This woman walked past and just went absolutely crazy,” said Joan.  “She had an aggressive demeanor. Her aggression just got worse and worse from the start.” Joan fishes in the area all the time and has never had such a negative experience with another person while doing so. “I’ve always watched videos on Facebook of this sort of thing happening, with people going off day-to-day just doing what they want to do, but I didn’t imagine it would ever happen to me.”

The commentary from the video is absolutely crazy. Luckily though, Elsa Joan is a bold woman, who wasn’t afraid to stand up for herself. She handled the situation like a true pro. Just as she raises the fish toward the camera for a pic, a woman out of the picture can be heard shouting.

“B*tch! God, you are disgusting. Put that bloody thing back in the water if it’s not dead already,”  the Carp Karen screamed. “You vile b*itch! Put it back!.”

Joan wasn’t backing down though, as she told the aggressor “Go away! F*ck off! F*ck off!”

The insane woman continued to lay into her though. After being called “disgusting” and a “disgrace,” Joan tried to explain that she was in a designated fishing area there was nothing wrong with what she was doing. That caused the lady to just become even more unhinged though.

“I hope that’s recording because you are an absolutely [inaudible] disgrace. It’s a fish — put it back in the water. Are you trying to kill it? I don’t care what a fishery is.” The rest of her crazy tirade was too vulgar for me to be comfortable typing.

Elsa Joan Kept Her Cool And Descalated The Situation

Joan did her best to reason with the woman and tried to calm down her insanity. “People go fishing. People go fishing, darling,” she can be heard saying. To which the crazy woman responded, “You should be drowned, my love.”

The bickering continued for a bit before Joan tried to end the standoff by saying “See you later.” That again triggered the other woman’s craziness. “You won’t see me again, b*tch. Or you’d better hope you don’t,” she said before telling the angler she doesn’t have to torture animals for fun.  Joan sent her on her way with a final “F*ck off. Go away.”

Joan said she admittedly can be a little feisty herself, and she’s glad she didn’t let the situation get out of control and become something bigger than what it was. Looking back, she just laughs it off now. She also plans to keep on fishing.

“Straight away, I knew it was going to get a bit irate, and I didn’t think I had the patience. But, clearly, I proved myself wrong. It’s not changed my perspective on fishing. I absolutely love the sport, I’ve always loved the sport, and I think people like herself should be more educated because the fish aren’t harmed at all.”