Cattle Get Loose in Kentucky Park, Two Bulls Square Off: VIDEO

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Catherine Falls Commercial)

It was a wild scene in Kentucky recently as a group of cattle was found wandering loose in a local park. Those visiting Cherokee Park near Dog Hill in Louisville Kentucky were no doubt eager to enjoy the great outdoors. However, some had no clue exactly how unique the experience would end up being as they entered the popular area. People witnessing the wild moment even got a glimpse of a cow’s nature, too. This comes as two bulls within the group of cattle start to have issues. Squaring off while officials begin attempting to reign in the wayward herd.

“It was 10 o’clock, and my dog and I were talking up the hill toward Dog Hill,” one bystander, Rick Bozich relates.

“I looked up, and there were 10 cows walking toward me,” Bozich adds. “I couldn’t believe it.”

Keeping Track Of Wayward Cattle Found Wandering In Louisville Kentucky Park

The posts began to appear Friday morning when park visitors noticed an unusual site where as many as 10 cows were found wandering around the area. Officials believe the animals had wandered away from a crashed truck earlier in the morning.

Rick Bozich later posted the events on his Twitter page, sharing the unusual park visitors with his followers on the social media platform.

“Cattle roundup at Cherokee Park?” Bozich jokingly inquires in the Friday morning tweet.

“They declined to join me and The Queen for our 3.1 miles,” Bozich quips.

Another Twitter post shows two bulls as they are squaring off as they wander the area.

“Now we have 2 bulls squaring off on Dog Hill at Cherokee Park,” Bozich says in the follow-up tweet.

Officers Track Down Nearly A Dozen Cows Loose In Kentucky Park

According to a report from a Louisville Metro Police Department spokesperson, officers were called to the Kentucky Park around 9 a.m. Friday morning (October 21). Officials note that they found as many as 10 cows on the loose wandering around the Dog Hill area of Louisville’s Cherokee Park.

The statements released by the officials note that the cattle escaped after the truck carrying the animals collided with another vehicle. The driver was in the process of offloading the cattle onto another truck when the animals wandered away.

No cows have been harmed in the effort to contain the wandering cattle, officials note. However, one area council member, Cassie Chambers Armstrong has requested that people stay away from the park while the cows continue to roam. The cars and people around the animals are making them nervous and harder to contain.