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Cattle Herd Chases Down Suspect Who Fled Scene of Alleged Crime in Wild Video

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Anthony Lee

In a bizarre turn of events, a man on the run from the authorities found himself stuck in a pasture surrounded by a herd of cows. The suspect had fled a crime scene just before, resulting in an intense police chase. Officials even used helicopters in the pursuit. However, it seems the most helpful tool was the herd of cattle. 

During the incident, a police helicopter recorded the moment the suspect was seemingly escorted off the field by the animals. “Watch the moment a man on the run from Devon and Cornwall Police was herded up by a group of cows in Devon and mooved out of their field into the arms of waiting Police Officers – however we did have to remind the cows not to take the law into their own hoofs,” wrote a spokesperson for the National Police Air Service in a post online about the incident. 

Although it was a serious matter, some officials couldn’t help but make fun of the hilariously odd event. 

They added: “It was a high steaks incident – he was told to stop running but it clearly went in one ear and out the udder – great team effort as always.”

Afterward, a local police officer also tweeted out a cheeky comment about the ordeal, making light of the event. “Trying to escape?? How dairy,” he tweeted.  Someone else added: “This is terrifying, his life was at steak! ****.. I’ll get my coat.”

Another quipped in response: “Meanwhile Sir Loin later gave an interview on how his fellow cows rounded up the suspect.”

Cows create massive traffic jam on Arizona freeway

Meanwhile, a herd of cattle created a massive traffic jam and headaches for many Arizona officials and motorists. They took over an Arizona freeway on Monday after a semi-truck trailer carrying the bovines crashed into a median.

Per reports from the Arizona Department of Public Safety, the truck crashed into a median after the driver fell asleep at the wheel. This proved a disastrous mistake as the cows were set free when the truck’s door flew open during the crash.

Reports also note that as many as 15 cows walked out of the massive truck’s trailer, some even running on the freeway, bringing traffic to a screeching halt while Arizona authorities attempted to wrangle up the cows. 

When the Arizona Department of Public Safety and the Arizona Department of Transportation arrived, they worked to wrangle up the wayward bovines. Finally, a truck successfully picked up the cows, and traffic resumed.

However, there were multiple casualties as a result of the incident. One of the cows died on the freeway, and two others had to be put down due to their injuries. The truck driver wasn’t hurt.