Chicken Chases Restaurant-Goer in Hilarious Viral Video

by Megan Molseed
(Photo By Joe Amon/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

Why did the wild chicken cross the restaurant patio? To chase a restaurant-goer, it seems. At least, that’s according to this hilarious viral video.

The incident occurred last month in Sao Paulo Brazil. In the clip, we see a frightened woman running around an outdoor patio area. Soon it becomes clear what she is running from. The woman is trying desperately to get away from a chicken that is determined to pursue her. With hilarious results, of course!

This Chasing Chicken Creates Video Magic Chasing An Unsuspecting Customer In A Brazilian Restaurant

The caption that is posted along with the wild video notes that the adventure began when a customer at the Brazilian eatery stepped away from the table to use the restroom. However, this very common event turned into a hilariously unique experience that this restaurant-goers – or the people she was with – are likely to forget anytime soon!

“We were in a restaurant when my cousin Leticia went to the bathroom alone,” notes the caption posted along with the video.

“On the way back the Angola chicken ran after her,” the message says of the hilarious moment. “[And] I couldn’t miss the opportunity to film.”

Surfing Chicken Makes Moves Casually And Cooly Along Flooded Virginia Street

Recently, onlookers were impressed with an unusual sight when a chicken looked like the epitome of cool as it causally surfed down a flooded street in Virginia. Riding a boogie board, no less!

This chicken, whose name is “Shelly” belongs to Peyton Rogers and his family. Shelly happens to be a local celebrity among Tornado, West Virginia residents.

The entire adventure began when a neighbor suggested Shelly try her hand – or wing – at surfing as the flood waters continued to flow in the roadway. A summer storm had pummeled the area the night before, leaving the streets flooded in its wake. At first, area children wanted to try their hand at boogie boarding on the rushing waters. However, it was too shallow to hold them up. It wasn’t too shallow, however, to hold up a chicken!

Initially, Shelly’s owners noted that the surfing chicken looked a bit concerned about its unique adventure. However, she adjusted very quickly.

As Shelly’s ride along the flowing waters came to an end, the surfing chicken and her little surfboard came to an easy stop as onlookers gave the bird some very warranted applause.