Clueless Tourist Almost Gored by Massive Bull Elk in Colorado: VIDEO

by Emily Morgan

You’ve probably shaken your head in disbelief if you’ve seen a video of someone idiotically interacting with wildlife. Yet, it seems to happen all the time lately. Sadly, we have yet another example of what not to do should you come across a wild animal, specifically a bull elk. However, in this instance, not only is the animal wild, it’s got some massive antlers.

In the clip posted by the Instagram account “Tourons of Yellowstone,” viewers see a massive bull elk in Estes Park, Colorado. However, the creature isn’t in a pasture or the woods; instead, it’s made its way into the city limits. While many people gave the bull elk its space, one person couldn’t help themselves. The video shows the moronic individual getting way too close to the bull elk. In fact, he’s so close that he’s within mere inches of getting gored by the beast. However, the bull elk isn’t having any of it and swipes his antlers at the man and continues strolling through the street.

Bull Elk charges busy highway in Estes Park

However, this isn’t the first time a bull elk has made its way into a Colorado town. Recently, a similar bull elk appeared in a small Colorado mountain community. Several drivers got up close and personal during the incident when an elk walked into a busy highway.

In a video posted on September 10, viewers can see a giant bull elk make its way towards a truck—nearly taking off the passenger side door with its trophy-sized antlers. According to the caption, “the big bull just wanted to keep his harem within control, and he felt threatened by the traffic on the highway into Estes Park, Colorado.”

After the incredibly tense 30 seconds, the bull moves to the road’s shoulder. However, not before he lets out several husky noises.

You can also see the same encounter in another video but from a different angle. Here, you can see the bull elk sprinting to a grassy area on the side of the highway.

For the drivers, we have a hunch they probably weren’t surprised to see a bull elk within city limits. Colorado’s Estes Park is well known for its elk. The town sits on the perimeter of Rocky Mountain National Park in a valley home to over 2,400 elk.

If you plan on visiting the park this fall, which is their rutting season, it’s important to maintain a safe distance.

Sadly, an Estes Park elk was tranquilized by wildlife officials last week after it got caught in a swing set. Reportedly, the bull was going head-to-head with the swings when the officials were notified.