Cobra Bites Man on the Face After He Tried to ‘Kiss’ It for Photo: VIDEO

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Kypros via Getty Images)

The Indian cobra is a member of the “big four” species responsible for the majority of snake bite injuries and fatalities in India. In its mouth are two razor-sharp fangs and a venom canal, which it uses to dispense a powerful neurotoxin and cardiotoxin at will. A single strike can cause paralysis, respiratory failure, and/or cardiac arrest within fifteen minutes.

That description fairly screams “please kiss my head,” right? No? Well, one Indian snake catcher thought so. And, unsurprisingly, received a bite to the face for his unbelievable foolishness.

In the video, the snake catcher presses his lips to the back of the cobra’s hood, the snake hissing in protest and widening its hood to intimidate his captors. With lightning speed, the snake then turns its head and sinks its fangs into the man’s face.

Apparently, the man was attempting to pose for a picture with the cobra, which is a terrible idea in itself. Watching the incident play out, you genuinely wonder what exactly he thought was going to happen.

The Man Survived the Cobra Attack

According to the Hindustan Times, the man in the video is a reptile conservationist who had rescued the cobra moments before, which only makes his ill-conceived decision more shocking.

Despite receiving a bite to the face, the man reportedly survived the attack, which either means that he received treatment immediately after the events of the video or the cobra chose not to use its venom in the bite.

Unlike pythons and boa constrictors, which can be kept as pets under the right circumstances, cobras are among the least tenable species of snake in the world. They are aggressive, temperamental, and do not like human interaction.

Make no mistake, however, this doesn’t mean cobra actively hunt humans. On the contrary, they avoid people whenever possible. It’s only when they feel threatened that they attack. And snatching one from the grass before putting your mouth on it absolutely translates as a threat to a frightened snake.

This point is illustrated in the video, as the man promptly drops the snake after receiving a bite to the face. Rather than continue the attack or attack the other men in the area, the cobra simply slithered away.

As the video has made its way across the internet, social media users have replied with shock and disgust. “Survived??? Really? But wonder what prompted him to attempt this in the first place. Can say he got what he asked for,” one user said. “This falls under the heading, ‘why women live longer than men,'” another joked.