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Colorado Officers Rescue Deer From Drainage Ditch for the Second Time

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/ Jason Hosking)

There’s a mule deer in Colorado that just cannot stay away from a concrete drainage ditch, officials note. And, the experts at the Colorado Parks and Wildlife note, this deer’s penchant for climbing into the drainage ditch becoming a very strange tradition.

Colorado Wildlife Officers Rescue The Same Deer From The Same Ditch One Full Year Later

On December 1, 2021, Colorado wildlife officials were called to help pull a massive mule deer out of a concrete culvert. The deer was struggling when the officials got to him, having been stuck in the ditch for days. Colorado Parks and Wildlife experts share that the concrete walls of the culvert are very steep. Way too steep for the deer to climb out on its own, the officers explain.

The rescuers worked quickly to help the animal. The deer was tranquilized and moved from the ditch. The officers also tagged the animal with the number 116 before release. Then, exactly one year later, on December 1, 2022, officers ran into number 116 again. Finding him trapped in the same culvert on the same date. According to a Twitter post, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife rescuers once again tranquilized the deer. Then they pulled him out, repeating the 2021 rescue.

“On Dec. 1 we showed a #wildlife#rescue of a mule deer buck trapped in a concrete culvert in #ColoradoSprings,” the Twitter post explains.

“This video shows @COParksWildlife Officers Sarah Watson and Travis Sauder pulling it out with a pickup,” the message continues. Then, the post notes that this is only a part of the story, which they then tell in a series of four tweets.

This Deer Keeps Getting Itself Into Complicated Situations!

Apparently, this deer tends to get itself in precarious places throughout the year, too. According to the following tweets, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials were called to help pull the same buck (116) from under a deck near the culvert.

“Days earlier, on Nov. 28, CPW was alerted that this same buck, (tag 116) was under a deck a mile or so away atop Popes Bluff,” the second tweet explains. This area, the post notes sits about 500 feet away from the culvert. It is separated by “step grades and cliffs,” the wildlife officers point out.

The Wildlife Officials Are Wondering…Is This Turning Into An Unusual Tradition?

In the following tweets, the officials explain how the Colorado wildlife officials tagged the deer during its first rescue from the culvert. The same culvert from which they pulled the deer just a couple of weeks ago.

“Hopefully.” the final tweet says, “the buck has learned to avoid concrete culverts.”

However, the experts quip, they will be prepared, just in case. “But we’ve got Dec. 1 circled on our 2023 calendars!”