Colorado Trail Cam Captures Mountain Lion Cub Practicing Stealth Mode: VIDEO

by Jonathan Howard

There is so much that goes on in the great outdoors. Mountain lions and other animals lurk around, and thanks to trail cams, we get to see it. As the trail cam industry has grown and improved upon its technology, we have gotten some truly great images and videos from all kinds of folks. From deer to bears, unexplained sightings, and big cats. It’s all out there, hiding where we just don’t see. Unless we have eyes in the trees.

In this video, we got to see a little bit of the more wholesome and cute side of wildlife. When it comes to mountain lions, they should not be messed with. But, this cam gave us a fly-on-the-wall look inside the playful life of this cub.

Watch as the little predator has the time of his life practicing his best stealth moves. Looks like momma’s training is going just according to plan.

The scene, captured by wildlife biologist Angelique Curtis, shows a whole family of mountain lions. One stalks around in the dark, and just when you think it is the only big cat in the area…you see those other eyes light up in the night. Just a wonderful video that shows a little bit of the secret life of these great beasts.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife shared the video on Twitter.

“This was right in front of a trail camera wildlife biologist Angelique Curtis had set up over a rock outcropping used to monitor bighorn sheep on the Cherokee State Wildlife Area,” the tweet said.

“It shows the neat behavior of a female mountain lion with her two cubs and highlights the bond between mom and her curious cubs.”

Like I said, this is the fun side of mountain lion life.

Mountain Lion Seen Devouring Elk on Camera

While trail cams are a great way to capture wildlife, sometimes it comes straight up to you. That’s what happened not long ago when one person in lion territory walked outside to quite a scene. There, right outside of the door in the snow was a mountain lion tearing into an elk. It wasn’t too happy to have its meal interrupted either.

These animals don’t really want human interaction. However, that doesn’t always mean they can or will avoid it. The lion in this case made its way away from the kill. Something tells me it went right back over there when that porch light turned off and the person retreated back inside.

If you are someone who lives in mountain lion country – you already know to take it seriously. These animals get hungry, they get territorial, and they can get aggressive. The best thing is to keep your eyes open, your kids safe, and animals under control as much as possible.